Ecologically Beautify Your Yard

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Never heard of a Buffer Garden? Neither had I until recently. A buffer garden is usually made up of plants native to an area, such as Smith Mountain Lake. They can act as a natural living filter for rainfall runoff, trapping sediment, debris, and pollutants before they enter a waterway and even help to reduce flooding.  Buffer Garden plants help hold soil in place, control erosion, and provide food and habitat for wildlife.

Want to learn how a Buffer Garden can benefit water quality and beautify "your" yard?

Two projects, sponsored by the SMLA and the Master Gardeners of both Bedford and Franklin Counties, are in progress.  A large garden at the 4-H center in Wirtz and a smaller garden at the State Park in Huddleston need your help to weed, mulch and plant.  In exchange, you’ll get valuable training in native plant identification, environmentally sound gardening practices and design fundamentals from a professional landscape designer, Leslie Santapaul and the Master Gardeners who have developed these educational gardens.

Work parties will be held twice monthly until late June and will pick up again in late Sept. The average session is only three hours. The next scheduled work party will be on Monday, April 16th, at the 4-H. 

The State Park party will begin on Thursday, April 19th.  For more information on what to bring, times and directions contact Leslie Santapaul at or call her at 721-2017. 

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