Kitty’s Little Book Shoppe

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kitty's little book shoppeCool winds swept in from the North and bathed the small party of travelers with the fresh smell of the nearby forest as they rode their giant wildebeasts toward home. Each of the four handsome faces bore the look of royalty and weariness, now tinged with gratitude for the taste of rain in the air.

Suddenly the sky above them was filled with more than rain clouds as a gigantic form silently sped toward them on wings as wide as a small village and as black as the darkness in Hades, with glowing red orbs sequined along the sides of its gaping mouth. Quiet though the creature was, there was no doubt of its malicious intent and the warriors rode their beasts hard for the mighty trees on the edge of the woods….

If you were enjoying that little jaunt into the land of fantasy and away from the steaming humidity we have at Smith Mountain Lake this summer season, then you should run down to Kitty’s Little Book Shoppe where you can pick out any adventure to your liking, and sail away on the cooling winds of your imagination.

Kitty McCoy sells new and used books, collectibles, and books on tape. She serves coffee and sweets in the reading area and her Shoppe is located at 11858 Moneta Road. Kitty can be reached at 540-297-7740 for directions, hours, etc.

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