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There are many resources at Smith Mountain Lake that are not as well advertized or spoken of and yet they offer valuable services. Here a just a few of those. If anyone knows of local businesses that are not well known, yet might be much needed, keep us informed.

NEED OYXYGEN?  Franklin County Respiratory Rentals can set you up with a home fill system that frees you from being tethered to your concentrator so you can enjoy all the activities of normal life. Our technicians will show you how to fill you own small, lightweight canisters to you have oxygen when you need it.  No more waiting for deliveries, stumbling over large tanks or having a limited activity range in your home or yard.  Call Franklin County Respiratory Rentals, Inc. for more information 540.483.3333.

HEALTHWISE offers personal training in a one-on-one situation or small group.  I target all levels of fitness.  Do you need to lose weight, lose body fat, increase muscle mass, build strength and endurance?  Need to get motivated?  Call me and we will discuss your needs and goals.  I will conduct a fitness evaluation to establish a beginning reference point and set realistic short-term and long-term goals.  Working toward achieving a monthly short-term goal will add to your motivation by providing a great sense of accomplishment.  It’s never too late to begin….let’s start now.  Call 871-0224.

Introducing :  Boles Home Repairs and Maintenance Service – 
“Where Small Jobs Take Priority” –  Specializing in General Repairs and Maintenance
Service offered to homeowners, realtors and property managers in the SML area.
Union Hall, VA.  Mailing : PO Box 188,Keene, VA. – 434-465-5470
mailto:dbolesrepairs@yahoo.com> dbolesrepairs@yahoo.com

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