Roanoke House to be Sold this Saturday 10am-6pm!

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Looking to buy a home in 2010?

Miss The Boat On That Big $8,000 Homebuyer Tax Credit? Well…Maybe Not!

One Fortunate Buyer will enjoy their first year in their newly purchased Roanoke home with virtually no out-of-pocket mortgage expense… Courtesy of Good Ole Uncle Sam!

Let’s face it… you’re about to miss the boat! If you’re still looking to buy a home now – late April 2010 – it’s very likely you won’t find a home to purchase by the 4/30/10 deadline.

Sure, you can still buy a home after May 1st. But you’ll leave up to $8,000 on the table. Doesn’t that just make you sick?!

Hold on! I’ve got great news!!

One of my rental homes… 1143 Greenbrier Ave, SE Roanoke, VA… recently became vacant unexpectedly. My top-flight crews spent the last two months installing beautiful new carpet and giving it a fresh coat of paint. (We’ve also furnished the home to give it some great appeal.)

My partner and I just decided to sell it rather than looking for a new renter. But the truth is… WE missed the boat, too. There’s no reasonable chance to get a buyer in the door, pre-qualified and approved before the deadline. And without the tax credit, I just doubt we’ll get a buyer this month.

The problem is… I’ve got another investment I need to move on by the end of the month. And I can’t do it with this one hanging over my head.

Maybe we can help each other!

Since we both drug our heels… and we both missed the Fed’s Big Cash Boat that’s available only for buyers… not renters… maybe we really can help one another out here.

You see, the big tax credit is also available for those who RENT-TO-OWN! And those who buy through OWNER FINANCING! Now I didn’t really want to do that… but I may not have much choice at this point in the game. I need to jump on this other investment.

The good news for you is this: If you do qualify for traditional financing, you can get under contract with me before month-end. Then… at your leisure… you can go to the bank and get traditional loan. And you will STILL pocket the big chunk of change from Uncle Sam!

So here’s what I plan to do: This Saturday, April 24th, I’m going to open my home up for just 8 hours. From 10AM through 6PM. You can tour the home and make me an offer on the spot.

I’m gonna make it real simple. You will have the opportunity to place bids on the home while you’re there. We will tell you the current highest bid, and you can decide if you want to top it, throw in a lower bid, or just walk away.

Your bids will be non-binding… we won’t accept any cash or checks with your bid. If you’re serious, though… and you win the bid process… you should plan to give us a down payment and sign rent-to-own… or purchase paperwork late Saturday night.

Bids will be evaluated on a number of criteria including, but not limited to:

  1. Price
  2. Monthly Rental
  3. Down Payment

So think hard about how much you are willing to put down and how much you want to invest monthly. Remember, thanks to the US Government, you will likely get your first year in the home approximately free!!

You will be able to move in that week if you wish! Or not.

And you’ll lock in the big fat check from Uncle Sam!

I expect to be overwhelmed with people wanting to see this home in advance, but to be fair, I’m going to have to wait until Saturday. And I just won’t be able to take phone calls on this, either (I’d never be able to get to them all anyway!).

If you’re interested, click below to see pictures of this home and learn more details about the sale. I will attempt to answer any emails that are submitted through here, but don’t expect a quick reply. (If you think you’d be at all interested, please come out on Saturday.)

I almost forgot… though the home is realtor-appraised for $79,000, we are starting the bidding at only $9,000.

Before you get too excited, remember… that’s just a starting bid. I expect the sales price to be much higher. And I reserve the right to reject any offer for any reason at my own discretion. (Of course these reasons will not include any prohibited by law of or the Realtor Code of Ethics!)

NOTE 1: I am a licensed Real Estate Agent in the State of Virginia. (This means I am held to extremely high standards regarding disclosures and non-discrimination. And I have all the paperwork handy.) I am selling this home through Debra Giles, another agent who knows this part of Roanoke better than I do.

Note 2: If you are a Realtor®, or if you are a buyer working with an agent, by all means come! I will offer 3% commission to the agent if you win the bidding.

Thanks again for checking out this opportunity! I hope to see you at the home tour this Saturday.


Paul Moore
Associate Broker, Wainwright & Co. Realtors

PS: One more note… On Saturday evening, about 7PM, we will evaluate all of the bids and start calling everyone to see who may want to top the high bid. If you wish to pass, or cancel your bid, that will be fine. If you want to raise your bid, you can do that. We will call everyone who is still in the running round-robin style until we have a buyer. You will come back to the home and sign a contract that evening. You can move in the following week!

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