Smith Mountain Lake Political Forum

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Wherever we live in this country we are blessed to still have some say in who is voted into our various governing offices. This month the residents of Smith Mountain Lake will have the opportunity to hear the candidates running for office in surrounding counties, speak their positions in a forum type environment.

Personally I believe it is a gift and a responsibility to be able to use whatever opportunities we are given to influence our world for good. Sometimes it is difficult to know what is the truth about the candidates we have running in elections, but if we make every effort to hear them out and research their positions on matters of importance, we can learn a great deal toward making a wise vote.

So pass the word along, bring a friend, pray for wisdom and come to the Political Forum this year.

The Smith Mountain Lake Association will hold its 3rd Annual Political Forum beginning at 7 P.M. Thursday, September 20th at Trinity Ecumenical Parish, 40 Lakemount Dr. (Rte. 122), Moneta. The evening will feature remarks from both Franklin and Bedford County opposed and unopposed candidates running for office in the November elections.

The format will be non-confrontational with each speaker given an allotted time to present his/her agenda without debate from an opponent. After a question and answer period, the evening will conclude with refreshments.

Invitations to speak were extended to the following Candidates:

State Senator Steve Newman (candidate for reelection District 23)

Delegate Kathy Byron (candidate for reelection District 22)

Mike Brown (candidate for reelection for Bedford Sheriff)

Charles Green (candidate for Bedford Sheriff)

Darryl Ashwell (candidate for Bedford Sheriff)

Robert Hurt (candidate for 19th State Senate District)

Sherman Witcher (candidate for 19th State Senate District)

Eric Ferguson (candidate for Ninth House of Delegates District)

Charles Poindexter (candidate for Ninth House of Delegates District)

Jerry Booth (candidate for Ninth House of Delegates District)

Russ Johnson (Candidate for reelection Franklin County Gills Creek Magisterial District Supervisor)

Dale Wheeler (candidate for reelection Bedford Board of Supervisors)

Ronnie D. Robertson(candidate for Franklin County Union Hall Magisterial District Supervisor)

David “Buddy” Cundiff (candidate for Franklin County Union Hall Magisterial District Supervisor)

Bill Overton Jr. (candidate for Franklin County Sheriff)

Ewell Hunt (candidate for Franklin County Sheriff)

Lynn Frith (candidate for Franklin County Sheriff)

Wayne Hodges (candidate for Franklin County Sheriff)

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