SML Residents: Please Sign FERC Petition

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To All Smith Mountain Lake Residents: The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) is enforcing shoreline management rules decades after hydroelectric projects were first developed. The impact on surrounding communities cannot be exaggerated as FERC rules are discouraging private investment, lowering property values, killing jobs, limiting access to project waters, inhibiting landowner’s ability to sell, violating Federal, State and local ordinances, and trampling on personal property rights.

Letter from Bill Brush:

Please encourage all supporters and friends to sign this petition.  We have 815 signatures from all over the Country — and we need to get 5,000 by October 28th.  Just Click on words “We the People” and it will take you to the official White House site to view and sign this petition.  For those of you that are Facebook users — consider adding a link to the White House site on your wall so all of your Facebook friends can see it.

You can view instructions HERE
Best Regards,
Bill Brush

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