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Big Data for your Big Dreams?

The real estate world has graduated to the era of big data. From the comfort of your recliner, you can view data on virtually any house, condo or lot for sale in any corner of the world. You can drive down virtual streets and nearly peek in the windows of most any home on the planet. You can collect reams of electronic data from multiple sources showing floor plans, tax values, ownership and sale data till your head spins. Zillow’s® massive supercomputers in Irvine, CA will even calculate what they believe you should offer and pay for most waterfront properties.

But we think your dream home is more than a collection of data!

Though we see the value of big data in many typical neighborhood settings, where home styles, lots, views and sizes are somewhat homogenous, this approach simply will not fly in a mountain-lake resort setting. The waterfront home for sale at Smith Mountain Lake are unique.

Big Data alone could lead to a big mistake. And a lot of heartache. You really need a local Lakefront Real Estate Consultant to help you locate and acquire your dream home at Smith Mountain Lake.

Our Smith Mountain Homes team of Real Estate Consultants knows the value of every one of the 2,724,800 feet (yes, that’s 520 miles) of shoreline here at SML. We have intimate knowledge of every cove and every channel… the views and slopes and home styles that grace our lovely mountain shores. We are experts at matching our clients’ desires to the available Smith Mountain Lake properties for sale. The result: your mountain-lake dream come true.

Don’t Try This at Home. 7 Unique Factors You Need to Know.

There are 7 unique factors that drive Smith Mountain Lake waterfront property values, and only one or two could even possibly be discerned through online research. Or even by an inexperienced local agent.

We at Smith Mountain Homes give our clients an appraiser-level knowledge of local properties and the opportunity to move from dreamer to dream waterfront homeowner. With an eye to ROI, we treat your dream home acquisition like an investment – guarding the principle and expecting a healthy return.

We Wrote the Book on Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate.

Our founder, Paul Moore, wrote The Definitive Guide to Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate, a 207-page book that gives buyers a jumpstart to understand the unique intricacies involved in acquiring property here at Smith Mountain Lake. This extensive volume provides insider insight that can never be gained on a national portal or from your experience in real estate elsewhere. Purchase this guide today and tap into well over a century of the Smith Mountain Homes team’s local real estate knowledge and experience.

Better yet, read the book and contact us to schedule a personal tour of Virginia’s Best Kept Secret , The Crown Jewel of the Blue Ridge: Smith Mountain Lake Virginia.



David Stevens

“I Recommend Paul Highly for Anyone Looking to Buy at the Lake”

My wife and I were looking for a second home at either one of the lakes in Virginia or the beaches of North Carolina. After many under whelming experiences with various Real Estate Agents, many of whom were well known in their area, I decided to do my own search and found Paul Moore from his web site. As it turns out, Paul’s knowledge of the lake, his extremely professional approach in providing property matches to a questionnaire that he provided us, and his incredible customer service, we found the decision to buy at Smith Mountain Lake and the entire process with Paul to be a very pleasurable experience. Paul not only handled the entire buying process with absolute professionalism, but he went above and beyond the call in helping us with all the details that would have made it much more difficult from Northern Virginia due to the distance. Paul also referred us to one of the best builders we have ever worked with to do some restructuring of our new home. I have recommended Paul to some friends who also recently bought their second home at the lake from him. I recommend Paul highly for anyone looking to buy at the lake.

David Stevens President & CEO Mortgage Bankers Association – Washington, DC Former US Assistant Secretary of Housing & Federal Housing Commissioner May 24, 2016

“… found the perfect property”

My husband Scott and I visited Smith Mountain Lake last week armed with all the information you provided for the last 2 months from the Email classes and a good number of MLS listings.

We met with Diana Salyer. Diana, Scott and I have been emailing listings back and forth. Listings that we thought we’d be interested in seeing and Diana sent us a good number of listings that she found for us. We narrowed down our possible lists and when we arrived last Friday Diana had visited all the properties in advance and had an excellent idea of what we were looking for.

As it turned out Diana found the perfect property – not one we provided but one that she had driven by. Diana checked the listing and walked the property before we arrived and felt it might be exactly what we were looking for. I think it was the 5th property we visited. We were amazed it was PERFECT – exactly what we had envisioned!

We went right back to the office and bid on the property late Friday afternoon and sealed the deal on Saturday afternoon. We are ecstatic and so pleased that we took the time to read everyone of your emails and Diana is the ultimate professional realtor. Using the information you provided & Diana’s knowledge of local professionals we are already in contact with contractors to perk, survey & close the property.

Thank you so much for sharing information that is so important and so often goes untold.

Bonnie New Jersey May 27, 2016

“… your book is extremely helpful to both buyers and your realty staff”

Bonnie has mentioned how very happy we are with our visit to SML. We were able to narrow down what we were looking for and what our price range would be. Two months of day to day communication by e-mail and phone brought Diana and us together with a solid real estate investigation well planned by her, and successfully completed very quickly in just two days.

What Bonnie did not mention was the enthusiasm and hospitable manner in which Diana treated us from the moment we met. She was very organized, had the listings we were interested in (and one she found) and presented a plan of about two days of looking. By the fourth listing on day one she knew what our expectations were and said we should see the listing she found and personally scouted out before our arrival.

Listing number five was about perfect and Bonnie and I new this would be our SML homesite for future retirement. I might add that Diana walked every square foot we did, up, down, sideways, back down, offering advice and opinion at will. Not many other realtors would go through the trouble or bother, young or older. Her effort was needed and appreciated. Diana is obviously dedicated to her craft, organization and you. We look forward to meeting you some time when we are there and always recommend Diana Salyer to future prospective buyers at SML.

By the way… your book is extremely helpful to both buyers and your realty staff.

Scott New Jersey May 27, 2016


“A Wealth of Information and Treated Me Like a King”

I was told of Smith Mountain Lake by a neighbor. I knew nothing about the lake so I did a Google search for a real estate agent at SML. After reviewing web sites I contacted Paul Moore who gave me a lot of information, but more importantly, was extremely enthusiastic about ownership of property at the lake. I met Mr. Moore at the lake and we spent a day looking at property from the land and from the water. He was a wealth of information and treated me like a king even though he had no idea if I was really interested in buying property or was simply taking a boat ride on a beautiful day. Although I was able to select a lot that I really liked, I still had to convince my financially conservative wife to make the investment.

A week later Mr. Moore again gave the “king’s tour” by land and by water, this time showing my wife and me the properties and amenities of SML. My wife loved the lake, loved the lot I had selected but still was reluctant to make such an investment. She agreed to make an offer but confessed that it was her comfort level with Mr. Moore and her confidence that Mr. Moore’s was providing truthful and accurate information that swayed her to sign a contract. Mr. Moore helped us prepare the contract offer, obtain financing, find a surveyor, select a settlement attorney and find a shorter route for us to drive to our property. Even after our purchase was complete (and therefore there were no more commissions to be earned), Mr. Moore continued to make sure we were comfortable with our decision and continued to provide help. He recommended a couple of builders, a couple of people who build docks, a couple of well diggers, a building materials supply house and even helped us contact a pre-engineered house manufacturer. In short, Mr. Moore did everything you could possibly expect of a real estate agent and then some. He did everything he said he would, when he said he would and was completely dependable.

I continue to call on Mr. Moore with SML questions. I wholeheartedly recommend Mr. Moore for any Smith Mountain Lake real estate needs and invite telephone calls to discuss. (703-968-8000).

Kenneth Crosson Attorney at Law Arlington VA May 27, 2016

“From the first conversation we had all the way through the house closing, you were there for us…”

We just wanted to express our gratitude for the great service you provided. Lauren and I did a lot of “home work” when it came to choosing a Real Estate professional to help us with our lake house purchase and it really paid off. From the first conversation we had all the way through the house closing, you were there for us. The most impressive aspect of your service was the way you listened to our “wants” and had thoughtful, insightful suggestions and tireless devotion to our cause until we found the right house. We are thrilled with our house purchase and the entire process and would strongly recommend your services to anybody looking for Real Estate in the Smith Mountain Lake area..

Hank & Lauren Pauli Upstate NY May 27, 2016

“Paul Moore accomplished everything I had hoped for and more!”

My family has lived all over this country. We have bought and sold over six homes in the past 14 years. Of all the places that my family has lived, we enjoyed the Virginia area the most. While living in Winston-Salem, we visited Smith Mountain Lake and fell in love with everything about the area and people. Now, years later, we live in California and want to retire on Smith Mountain Lake.

I started the process of looking online for lakefront properties on Smith Mountain Lake that I could build a home on. I needed help from a local realtor that knew the area very well. I wanted someone that would not push me to make a quick decision because of the “it won’t last long on the market” pitch that I have heard from the many other realtors that I have worked with in the past. I wanted to work with someone that would listen more than talk, and then take the necessary steps to bring us closer to my objectives. I emailed Paul Moore and asked for all kinds of information.

Along with that request for information was a request to not rush me into a decision to buy something quickly. I just started looking, so Paul sent me loads of information and pictures of the lake and surrounding area. A few months later I flew to Smith Mountain Lake to meet with Paul and look at the properties that we had put on our list. Paul spent 3 entire days with me.

We spent one day on his boat to view many properties from the lake, one day in the car to see the properties from the road, and then we rented a private plane and flew over our favorite lots to get the big picture of the area.

Perfect!! Absolutely the best buying experience I have ever had!

Paul Moore took the worries and pressures of buying a property, and made it a pleasant and worry free experience for me. I now keep in touch with Paul as a friend, and since he has a home on the lake, I am looking forward to the day that I can have him boat over to my new lakefront home for a BBQ on the lake. Thanks again to Paul Moore, a true professional and new friend of mine.


Scott and Jane Marvin Director International and Domestic Sales for a Publicly Traded Software Firm (Retired) and Senior VP Human Resources Ross Stores San Francisco, CA May 27, 2016

“Thoughtful and Kind Treatment”

I wanted to thank you for your kind and thoughtful treatment of all of us, and especially my parents. As you know, it was and still is, a very emotional time for all of us and you handled it with such skill and kindness. I know that all of us felt as if we were with the “perfect realtor” and I am so grateful for everything you did. Thank you.

Jane and Ed White Danville, VA May 27, 2016

”Everything Went Like Clockwork”

My husband and I were introduced to Smith Mountain Lake (SML) a few years ago by family and friends. Calling it “love at first sight” can only be understood by the thousands who have had the opportunity to experience the jewel of southern Virginia. When we first considered purchasing property at SML, we turned to these same family and friends for a Realtor recommendation.

We initially contacted Paul Moore of Wainwright and Co. REALTORS® , who met with us, reviewed our wish list, and showed us several properties. To say Paul is knowledgeable about SML, is an understatement. His expertise is unmatched with regard to buying and selling property at SML. I would highly recommend Paul’s book, A Definitive Guide to Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate, to anyone who is considering purchasing property on the lake. It answers not only the obvious questions but also details many items (like dock permits) that a novice lake buyer would not think to ask.

At least a year passed from our initial meeting with Paul to our actual decision to purchase property at SML. We again contacted Paul who referred us to Brian Puckett, one of his fellow realtors. Since our primary residence is in northern Virginia, all initial contacts with Brian were via telephone and email. Brian reviewed with us the information Paul had collected at our previous meetings, and promptly composed a list of properties matching our criteria for review – all long distance. With a set of listings in mind, we scheduled a weekend meeting with Brian to view properties. Five hours (and at least a dozen properties) later we had exhausted the list. The first house Brian showed us met ALL our criteria and then some, and was ultimately the house we ended up purchasing.

All contract negotiations were handled long distance, as well as all paperwork associated with the closing. Everything went like clockwork, which I can only attribute to Brian’s attention to detail. Brian is not only an outstanding realtor, but also an all-round great guy. He was always available to take my call, no matter the day or time, and was quick to respond to any email, even if only to say “let me check on that and get back to you.” Five months after closing, I can truly say we LOVE our home at SML. The process was painless, and even enjoyable! I would highly recommend Brian Puckett to anyone looking to purchase property at Smith Mountain Lake.

Suzy & Dave Barta Ashburn, VA May 27, 2016


“Thorough attention to detail, generosity, and self-less dedication”

After many months of browsing the internet in search of a waterfront home I finally stumbled across one at SML that really caught my eye. It was Saturday morning at 5:30 am so I emailed the broker, Paul Moore.

Much to my surprise I received a reply back just moments later and I was soon on the phone with him discussing the home. The next day my wife and I were being chauffeured by boat looking at numerous homes that met our tastes. Thanks to Paul Moore we quickly found the perfect fit.

Paul Moore’s thorough attention to detail, generosity, and self-less dedication to our interests were present from start to finish. Without question this was the most enjoyable real estate purchase we have ever made.

Jeff Turner Former Vice President, Geo-Spatial Technologies, Inc. Northern VA May 27, 2016

“Professionally and efficiently guided”

Having searched the East Coast for the ideal community for a second home and eventual retirement, we finally settled on Smith Mountain Lake. Living in New Jersey, however, presented some unique, long-distance challenges. My wife and I were fortunate to find Brian & Paul. Every step of our search for our “perfect home” was professionally and efficiently guided. We made the right decision in choosing Smith Mountain Homes.

Andy Lessard Annapolis, MD May 27, 2016

“What a beautiful morning”

What a beautiful morning! I’m sitting on the dock at our Smith Mountain Lake house enjoying the sun and water. The ducks are swimming and the fish are jumping. I’m really excited about spending time here with our family. This is a place where we will be making memories. And we could not have done it without your help. Thanks for helping Marilyn and me find this place.

Ross G. Boucher President, BJ Engineers May 27, 2016

“Patient and Prepared”

My wife and I were looking for a place to retire close enough to the Northern Va. Area where our Children and grandchildren live. We had been looking for a while and were getting discouraged. Through the internet we ended up with Brian at Smith Mountain Lake. He was very patient and prepared. He had made up lists from what we told him we wanted and could afford. We found the house we wanted. We live in Northern Va. and were buying the house long distance. Brian and Paul in the background handled everything for us beyond what they were supposed to do. I would recommend Brian and Paul to any people wanting a house in the Smith Mountain lake area.

James and Mary Lou Page May 27, 2016

“Personal and professional service”

We are the proud owners of a magnificent piece of land at Smith Mountain Lake. We owe our gratitude to Paul Moore for his assistance and for a job well done. In this day and age, excellent service is the exception and not the norm and Paul provides this extremely well. We applaud his personal and professional service. Paul goes the extra mile, keeping you in mind long after the closing. We heartily recommend Paul to anyone who is in the market for real estate.


China & Hunter Levan Williamsburg, VA May 27, 2016

“We found exactly what we were looking for!”

When our family was looking for a property on Smith Mountain Lake, we looked around and found Smith Mountain Homes impressive website and sent a request for property listings to Paul Moore. Within hours of our request, Paul had contacted us by phone and introduced us to Brian Puckett one of his team members.

After finding out what our criteria was, Brian emailed us numerous listings of which we selected several properties to look at. Brian met us up at the lake and spent the whole day showing us around. He answered every question we had and if he didn’t know the answer, he immediately phoned around and found out.

Brian & Paul put in a lot of extra effort to make sure we were getting everything we expected. It didn’t take long before we found exactly what we were looking for and with Brian and Paul’s help and guidance, were able to purchase our beautiful lake house.

Being a real estate agent in another part of Virginia, I was very impressed at the expertise and professionalism of everyone who was recommended to us by Brian and Paul from the home inspector to the closing company to the yardman. The transaction went very smoothly and whenever help was needed, Brian and Paul were there for us. Thanks guys for a doing a great job!


The Johansen Family Virginia Beach May 27, 2016


“A much-appreciated knowledge of the market”

I just wanted to thank you again for all your help last week and yesterday. We really enjoyed looking at properties with you far more than I typically enjoy being with real estate agents. I feel like you have done an excellent job providing just the right amount of service along with a much appreciated knowledge of the market.

Your willingness to pull your boat out on the water for us at this time of year was much more than necessary. Honestly, this type of extra service really gives the impression that you’re committed to helping us find the “right” property and that you genuinely enjoy providing your services.

John Liptak Carey, NC May 27, 2016

“An Excellent Agent”

Brian Puckett was an excellent agent! He went way above and beyond in servicing my needs, especially as an out of town client. I would highly recommend him to any potential buyer at Smith Mountain Lake.


Craig Merrills Washington DC May 27, 2016

“we truly appreciate all the hard work”

Teresa, we truly appreciate all the hard work you put into helping us to locate, research and purchase our vacation home.  You provided exceptional personal service and you can definitely count on our recommendations for your services to our friends and family.

Paige & Kevin Moses May 27, 2016

“Your Web Presence is what got my attention”

I just wanted to let you know that when I was originally looking for a Realtor partner your Web presence is what got my attention. These professional (and not nagging) mailers are what made me decide to give you guys a try. We are so glad we did!

Mike Cotrone May 27, 2016

“I feel we will be very prepared when our time to purchase has arrived”

Thanks for keeping me on your mailing list for your SML newsletter.  Teresa Criner has been absolutely awesome at sending us current home and lot listings.

We visited SML for the first time, this past week, from New Jersey.  While it looked like a terrific place in all of the listings and materials that Teresa has been sending, we fell even more in love with it during our stay at the Westlake Waterfront Inn (suggested by Teresa).

As we plan for our 2009 retirement, I am very grateful for the emails that we receive from your office.  I feel we will be very prepared when our time to purchase has arrived.

Toni Hoffman May 27, 2016

“Very Knowledgeable and Even Fun”

Teresa Criner of the Smith Mountain Homes team] has been the most knowledgeable, patient, experienced and organized agent we have ever worked with.

She spent countless hours showing us properties all over the lake, some listings were at our request and some listings were ones that she thought might meet our criteria for a lake house.

She always knew the answers to our questions regarding AEP rules and regulations on docks, shoreline management, and property easements. We even asked her to show us some properties several times and she always was patient and happy to do this for us. When we finally found a property to purchase, she continued to support us with dozens of phone calls and support through the entire process to closing and beyond.

If and when we need another real estate agent, we will turn to Teresa because we know she will be there for us. Teresa is a very kind, pleasant person and it was always fun to be around her.

Ron and Linda Adams Northern VA May 27, 2016

“Above and Beyond the Call of Duty”

Dear Mr. Moore:

This letter is extremely overdue. All too often, companies only hear of poor performance, inattentiveness, or poor quality on behalf of their employees. My husband and I are writing to you only to commend one of your employees.

In September 2007, we retained Teresa Criner to help us find a home at Smith Mountain Lake. We wanted to relocate from Woodbine, Maryland. Teresa spent several days with us showing us many, many homes, too numerous to count! She had the utmost patience with us as none of the many homes were exactly what we wanted. She continued to look for us while we were back in Maryland and communicated with us on a regular basis.Then finally, in January 2008, we found our home, contingent on us selling in Maryland. We sold our house this past August and had to vacate within three weeks. The home we picked here was not completely finished being built.

Teresa, knowing that we had to move quickly, took the “bull by the horns” and went above and beyond the call of duty. She worked with the builder and other real estate agent day in and day out to get our new home finished. She made several trips to Franklin County to research covenants, etc. Prior to carpeting being installed, she went to the house and deep cleaned all the floor boards so that the carpet would be installed perfectly. The house was not very clean as it had been sitting since January and builder was not willing to clean it again. Teresa and her daughter and a friend spent an entire day deep cleaning our home so we could move in without worrying about dirt.

These are just a few of the remarkable things that Teresa took upon herself to do for us.

Teresa is a wonderful employee, a great real estate agent, and now, a great friend. We want to let you know just how valuable she is. We will highly recommend Teresa and Wainwright and Company every opportunity that we get.

John and Donna Miller May 27, 2016

“I Would Not Hesitate to Recommend You”

We will be happy to pass your name along as a referral to anyone interested in moving to the lake. Your book tells volumes about your knowledge and my husband and I would not hesitate to recommend you so that anyone interested in coming into the area may avoid some of the issues we ran into, some of which were costly and time consuming. Most of the issues would have been avoided had we read your book first.

Carol Ridgely May 27, 2016

“Looked after our interest every step of the way”

We had a very good experience with Wainwright Reality when looking for our retirement home on Smith Mountain Lake. Their website was great.

Paul Moore’s book on buying property on SML is a must read. And our realtor, Teresa Criner was outstanding. Teresa showed us many houses and lots on the lake: Eastside, Westside, north of Rt. 122 bridge and south of the bridge. She even took us out on her boat to see properties we liked from the water. But where Teresa was extraordinary is after we went to contract. We live 500 miles away but she kept us well informed and took care of everything. Our contract had several contingencies and Teresa worked to close each one of them. Many of them should have been handled by the seller/seller’s agent but they were less than stellar. Teresa did all the work to obtain a dock permit for us. She applied for it with AEP and had a number of meetings with AEP, and got the permit issued. She looked after our interest every step of the way as though she was buying the property. In short, Teresa was a tremendous agent and a wonderful person. When the time comes to sell our home she will be our agent.

Linda and Judd Riedinger May 27, 2016

“Exemplifies southern hospitality and always makes us feel like a neighbor”

I can certainly say that without the knowledge, guidance, support, and perseverance of Teresa, we probably would not be the proud owners of a beautiful lakefront home at Smith Mountain Lake. With our permanent residence 8 hours away, and although we made a dozen or more trips to the SML region to explore our options and look for lakefront homes, Teresa was extremely patient with us as we became a bit more knowledgeable of the area and of the homes. We changed our minds on type of home, location, and other factors and through it all, Teresa was the foundation for us to keep coming back and trying again. She exemplifies southern hospitality and always makes us feel like a neighbor, whether we’re up north or back at Smith Mountain Lake. A real pleasure to have worked with and gotten to know Teresa.

Brian & Eleanor Wilson May 27, 2016

“Please share my wonderful experience!”

Last spring I met Teresa Criner and asked her to be my realtor. I purchased my first home with her help. Teresa was more than willing to work around my schedule. She met me mornings or night weekdays or weekends. I couldn’t have asked for a better realtor and friend through my first home buying experience. I love my new home and I am thankful every day for purchasing it. Teresa helped me choose that house that was absolutely perfect for me. Please share with anyone my wonderful experience buying my first home through Teresa Criner.

Ashley R. Showalter May 27, 2016

“Teresa gave us her full support right from the start”

Hi Paul, we wanted to drop you a note to thank you but also to say how much we enjoyed working with Teresa Criner. As you may recall, we’re the folks originally from Michigan, who are now in California, who were looking for a home in Virginia. No we are not on the witness protection program, we have family in DC and Blacksburg. We were originally looking for property near our family on Claytor Lake but saw an ad for your book and Smith Mountain Lake during our search.

We contacted you and you referred us to Teresa. She is fabulous! Obviously, when someone contacts you from California there must be some amount of skepticism about how genuinely interested they are, but Teresa gave us her full support right from the start. She asked us a number of very good questions and helped us narrow our search. Having never seen the area or the lake we were clueless, but through her guidance and what we learned from your book we began to focus in a bit.

We committed to visiting last March. Frankly, we wanted to see the area at it’s worst, we knew we’d love it at it’s best. Teresa was great. She helped us find a place to stay. She had a binder prepared with all of the homes we had expressed interest in. It was organized to make the travel between properties as efficient as practical. When you’re looking at homes on a lake that is 40 miles long, that makes a huge difference.

She then spent two solid days driving us to each of the properties on the list. Providing insight and also listening to us and gauging our reactions. We have pictures of us trudging through snow, Teresa bundled up patiently waiting for us to examine this or that.

We found what we felt was a great opportunity and with Teresa’s help and guidance made the deal. The main point is that Teresa, while being a consummate professional also, became a good friend. This has extended beyond the sale and as we are still in California she has been invaluable as our eyes and ears at SML. We can’t wait to be able to move there permanently and spend time with Teresa and her husband Marlon.

Thank you so much for the knowledge you shared with us through your book and emails, but most of all for introducing us to Teresa.

Brian D. Bissell CFP® Vice President – Investments Graham – Bissell Group Wells Fargo Advisors, LLC May 27, 2016

“Skills as a negotiator came shining through!”

I can’t say enough about how much Teresa Criner helped me in the buying process for my lake lot I purchased in late November. While the actual selection of a lot to make an offer on took place in one day…the vetting and bidding process took more work, and that’s where Teresa’s skills as a negotiator came shining through!

She used her knowledge of the pricing and ownership history of the lot I ultimately purchased, and of a lot nearby that had just foreclosed, and leveraged that information into a great buy for me. Three realtors all jointly owned the lot I bought which certainly made Teresa’s job even more challenging!

In fact, if she hadn’t advised me to “chill a little” and let my last bid “sit awhile” I would likely have ended up paying about $14,000 more for the lot. But, she coached me to “be cool” and the net result is I purchased a lot at what I consider to be comparable to a foreclosure price. So the bottom line is that Teresa played the game masterfully on my behalf (as a buyer’s agent should), and she definitely earned her commission based on her communication/negotiation skills with the seller(s).

And, even though the sale is over, and closed in late November, Teresa continues to keep in touch with me and give me advice on getting things done (rip-rap, dock building, etc.) to my lot.

I would recommend her to anybody!

Chase Turner Marketing Manager Homestead Materials Handling Company Roanoke, VA May 27, 2016

“Can’t Say Enough Good Things…”

Teresa Criner was our realtor from your office and she was wonderful. We are very pleased with the purchase which was a foreclosure in Waterside, great lot, nice neighbors. We are building a dock and will keep our boat and jet ski there. We hope to make SML our permanent home in a couple of years. We’ve also read your book and found it very helpful. We can’t say enough good things about Teresa. She was a pure delight to work with and went the extra mile to make things happen. Thanks for everything!

Rod and Polly Goss May 27, 2016

“Teresa hung in there with us”

We are very pleased with the property and more so with how Teresa hung in there with us.  She provided guidance and support that was very welcomed as we are somewhat new to SML.  Her professionalism and knowledge was priceless.


Michael & Sue Weinstock May 27, 2016

“Teresa has been great throughout the process!”

My husband and I have really enjoyed your real estate course! We have been working with Teresa Criner over the last couple months and decided on a waterfront lot which we close on Friday. Teresa has been great throughout the process! We look forward to building our new home over the next year. We hope to eventually retire to the lake. Thank you!

Kathy and Neil Harrington May 27, 2016

“We … commend you on your high level of professionalism”

Thank you for selling our listing at <removed>, Wirtz, VA 24184.
We appreciate your efforts and wish to commend you on your high level of professionalism.

Please know we consider you valued colleagues and we hope you will soon sell another of our listings.  We will certainly endeavor to reciprocate.

Owner/Broker – ReMax Roanoke, VA May 27, 2016

“She put her clients best interest ahead of everything”

After a few short discussions and home visitations, Edna was able to get a sense for what we were looking for. The search was not lengthy, to find the right house, as she was attentive and pro-active in finding the right house. She made sure that we were completely satisfied with the decision made before we made the purchase. She put her clients best interest ahead of everything.

Randall Quay May 27, 2016

“You can trust Edna with literally everything”

Edna has truly been the best realtor we have ever worked with, anywhere! She is the most gracious, honest, hard-working, and conscientious realtor we’ve ever met, and she has now become one of our most treasured friends after helping us find and purchase our home at Smith Mountain Lake. You can trust Edna with literally *everything*, and she is fair and honest to a fault (if there even is such a thing). I can recommend her without any reservation whatsoever.

Thomas Sartorius May 27, 2016

“Edna made things so easy, and allowed us to pursue our SML dream”

Edna always seemed more interested in our satisfaction than the sale itself. Her honesty and professionalism is why we were able to purchase at all. She guided us all the way with outstanding advice, and never pushed us into anything. She found us the perfect property at the price we could afford. Then her network of other honest people to do work for us has allowed us to establish some great business relationships in the area. Edna earned our trust right away, and as we went down a bumpy road, she made things so easy, and allowed us to pursue our SML dream.


William Hughes May 27, 2016

“Our closing went great”

Edna was great at showing us what we wanted to see as opposed to what she might want to sell. Closing went great.


George Murphy May 27, 2016

“Very sincere and hard working, Agent will go out of her way to help and find the property of your choice, Great to work with.”

Very sincere and hard working, Agent will go out of her way to help and find the property of your choice, Great to work with.

Ajay Madans May 27, 2016

“An absolute pleasure to work with”

“Edna is an absolute pleasure to work with. There is never any doubt that Edna will have the best interests of her clients at heart in every transaction and will work diligently to assist them in any way possible. I appreciate Edna’s business and look forward to continuing to work with her at Legacy Settlement Services!”


Theresa Bailey May 27, 2016

“Impressed me from day one”

“Edna impressed me from day one. This strong, positive impression has only grown stronger through the years I’ve seen her work. Edna brings value to others, personally and professionally. Edna cares, every day, that she has brought her knowledge, experience, and wisdom to serve others in the highest way. Time and again I have seen her commitment to honesty, to integrity, to help and to serve. ‘Going the extra mile’ is, for Edna – routine. Edna is the consummate professional, in every sense of the word. And for her kindness, caring, and compassion – I am so very proud to call her FRIEND. You are the best Edna !”

Rich Backus GMB CPHC PMP May 27, 2016

“Found just the right house for us”

“Edna found just the right house for us and worked very hard to see that everything was done correctly and on time. Her sales style is low pressure, but her work ethics and integrity are always top-notch. She has become not only our favorite real estate agent ever, she is a dear and trusted friend. We definitely plan to use Edna for any real estate needs we have in the future.”


Bonnie Surface May 27, 2016

“Edna sold my home.”

Thank you for all you did in preparation for and during the sale of my home on Smith Mountain Lake. I have bought and sold many real estate properties in the past and never had an experience with an agent as positive as with you.

You have great insight into the local market. Your effort was unparalleled. You are very hardworking, dedicated and competent.

Thank you for the open houses and extra advertising you did. You even went well beyond the local market to give my home extra exposure. As I was an absentee property owner, the extra mile you went to be sure my home was secure and properly maintained, and even air out from time to time, was a benefit of immeasurable peach of mind.

Donna Walker May 27, 2016

“We are thrilled with our new home”

Edna helped to make the buying process very comfortable and easy for us. She was helpful and willing to answer all of our questions regarding the sale. We did not feel any pressure to buy, and she took time to show us several houses that we might like. We are thrilled with our new home and would recommend Edna to anyone looking to buy or sell in the area. She worked hard to represent us as the buyer, and we greatly appreciate her strong work ethic.


Sarah Hameline & Michael Sawchuk May 27, 2016

“Quick to respond as well as patient in educating us”

My family and I were considering a property at Smith Mountain Lake and started looking several years ago (summer 2010). We found realtor Edna Jamieson via her excellent website and on the recommendation from a friend and couldn’t have been more pleased with her support, professionalism, and friendship. When we started looking, we didn’t know much about the Smith Mountain Lake or about buying a second property let alone about a potential investment/rental property. Edna was exceedingly patient with us over the three plus years we worked together detailing all of the various benefits and challenges of owning a property at one location and/or resort versus another. We exchanged several hundred emails along with several spontaneous visits to the lake to see properties–she was always quick to respond as well as patient in educating us. At no point did I feel any pressure nor did I get any sense she was just trying to land a sale; I always felt that my (changing) needs were her highest priority. Once we finally found the perfect property, at Benard’s Landing Resort, she helped us through all of the complexities of buying a property some distance away from our primary home. She was actively involved in all aspects of the closing (winter 2014). There is no way we could have figured and worked out all of the closing out without her expertise and flexibility. Now that we are finally moved in, we couldn’t be happier with our property. Edna definitely helped us get a second home not just an investment property.

Dr. Brian M. Kelley May 27, 2016

“Friendly, professional, customer-first!”

Edna goes out of her way to find her customers the best house for them – best location, best price, best fit for the customer. She listens and keeps listening. You can take it to the bank and collect interest on the fact that Edna will sell our current house and find a new one (should we opt to sell) ;-) She IS the Best!

Janet Olafsen May 27, 2016

“I could tell from day one that we could trust you and that you wanted to see us get the right house”

“Thanks so much for being a super Agent for us! I could tell from day one that we could trust you and that you wanted to see us get the right house. I felt that it was more than just a “Commission” for you and we really appreciate your honesty and for being so thorough. I know it took me years to find the right home, and I’m glad you hung in there while I searched the web for homes, grumbling about prices! Lol You made the buying process super easy and thanks to Paula coming to your office, the entire thing was a breeze. You will come highly recommended by us to all we know. I hope we can keep in touch, I feel like I’ve made a new friend. :) Take care and we will send pics as we make changes.”

Diana May 27, 2016

“Thank you for this information, this is a great book that you have assembled!!!”

“Thank you for this information, this is a great book that you have assembled!!! I have never seen such effort from a real estate agent.”

Will Rogers Jr. June 24, 2016

“Paul’s expertise is unmatched with regard to buying and selling property at SML”

“Paul’s expertise is unmatched with regard to buying and selling property at SML. We would highly recommend his book!”

Suzy & Dave Barta June 24, 2016

“I just wish we had been exposed to this kind of education about SML before we made our purchase!”

“I just wish we had been exposed to this kind of education about SML before we made our purchase!”

Robert Harbert June 24, 2016

“We have never seen a real estate agent that supplied so much information”

“We have never seen a real estate agent that supplied so much information… It is all so informative and helpful in our hunt for a home at SML.”

Charles & Gladys Impink June 24, 2016

“A great deal of valuable information”

“I have to say I was a bit skeptical that it would just be a marketing pitch, but have been very pleasantly surprised to find a great deal of valuable information.”

Brian Bissell June 24, 2016

“Ted Was the Best Realtor We Have Ever Had”


I want to say that Patty and I feel very lucky we got Ted as a realtor. He is so professional and listens to what we have to say. We looked at many homes and he never pushed on any of them and learned very quickly what our goals were. He did a lot of research on the homes before we got there. There were many times we would only drive up and say we are not interested and he respected our thoughts. When we had any questions he would try to answer them at the time and if he could not he would not make excuses and he would always get back to us in usually less than 24 hours. I wish there were more realtors like him. Again Patty and I want to let you know that Ted was the best realtor we have ever had. Thank you for sharing him with us.”

Bill and Patty August 29, 2016

“A Professional With No Equal”

Thank you Paul. We are fortunate to once again work with you, a professional with no equal. Your quick research, and unquestionable honesty allowed us to confidently make difficult decisions throughout this process.


Scott Marvin

October 6, 2016

“Ted is, in one word, the best”

Ted is, in one word, the “best”. In every category I can think of, he exceeded expectations. He was patient with us as we looked at many different homes. He was knowledgeable about the area, he was very helpful in the settlement process, and he was very quick to respond or to notify us with new info. Above all, I now regard him as a friend.

Ron Snyder

October 28, 2016

“My wife and I were very pleased on working with Van”

My wife and I were very pleased in working with Van to find and purchase a 2nd home on SML. We first met with Van on a weekend in early October and he somehow managed to show us all ten candidate properties we had identified as possibilities from our online search. Van was a very relaxed, chatty kind of person with no sales pressure, and he was also well-informed on SML and everything related to real estate there. He really let us just look at the properties and ask questions. And he was very helpful in answering our many questions. After that weekend, Van searched for and sent us regular emails with additional prospects.

Surprising ourselves, we decided on a property we liked only a few weeks after that first round of showings and went to settlement in mid-November. The house we bought needed some significant renovations (flooring, kitchen, patio doors). Van was helpful in recommending contractors for repairs and renovation. He also helped us out after settlement on an issue we had where the seller tried to get us to make some additional payments. Van checked into it and let us know very quickly that no such payments were necessary. Van was helpful and supportive all through the process and we are very happy with our beautiful place at SML.

Ken & Sue Hall

March 14, 2018

“Van is very easy to work with and I felt well represented as a buyer”

I had been looking at property at Smith Mountain Lake for many years, but was never quite ready to pull the trigger. I requested a few properties that I wanted to see and Van set up the visits. During the tour, Van was very good about picking my brain to see what I really was looking for in a lake house a suggested some other properties to visit. Finally we found a property that I had seen in the past and Van went out of his way to gather information from the other realtor on very short notice.

We were able to put an offer on the property in short order and started the process.
I live out of the area and travel for work so I am not the easiest person to track down. During the process Van was very responsive to all the idiosyncrasies of the purchase and took care of things quickly and painlessly for me. If I had a question, it was just a short phone call to Van and it was taken care of. Van was a wealth of information before, during and after the purchase. Van is very easy to work with and I felt well represented as a buyer.

Ric Rowland

March 14, 2018

Van Was Incredibly Helpful

Van was incredibly helpful in our search for our lake house at Smith Mountain Lake. As I conducted our search remotely, he was able to assist my family locally. Among the things that stood out with Van was he was truly interested in helping us find the best home for our family, he wasn’t going to sell us a house quickly and move on to the next customer. Van is hard working, extremely knowledgeable regarding SML (real estate, the lake itself, the local community) and forth right; a hard combination to find. Van was also very helpful post-sale with his local knowledge of service providers and how to navigate the requirements at SML. I would highly recommend working with Van Renick for your real estate needs.

September 24, 2022

Edna Went Above And Beyond For Us

Edna went above and beyond for us multiple times. She helped us go through our home room by room with any fixes or ideas to make a sale quickly. She always texted us each time a potential buyer toured our home with all the comments and any suggestions. She communicated with us on a daily basis to keep us updated. She was also very helpful to us in negotiating contracts/offers. She always returned our phone calls, emails and text in a very timely manner if we had any questions or comments. She coordinated all the inspections, paperwork, tours of our home very efficiently. We would definitely recommend Edna to sell your home or property and we would not hesitate to use her again as our realtor.

September 24, 2022

Edna Knows The Entire Lake Well

Edna has helped us both as buyers and as sellers. She knows the entire Lake well and was willing to show us as many properties as we wanted. She was patient, as we took some time in deciding what to buy. When it came time to sell, she was equally helpful. Throughout the entire process she was exceptionally professional and knowledgeable. She followed through on anything we asked, made the process easy, and we couldn’t be happier with this experience. We have known Edna for years and would highly recommend her to any buyer or seller.

September 24, 2022

It Was A Pleasure Working With Edna

Working with Edna was a pleasure. She made every step of the process seamless and easy. She kept us informed and always promptly addressed any questions or concerns we had with patience and sincerity. We would recommend Edna to anyone looking for a great realtor near SML.

September 24, 2022

Van Went Out Of His Way To Gather Information

I had been looking at property at Smith Mountain Lake for many years, but was never quite ready to pull the trigger. I requested a few properties that I wanted to see and Van set up the visits. During the tour, Van was very good about picking my brain to see what I really was looking for in a lake house a suggested some other properties to visit. Finally we found a property that I had seen in the past and Van went out of his way to gather information from the other realtor on very short notice.

September 24, 2022