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Big Data for your Big Dreams?

The real estate world has graduated to the era of big data. From the comfort of your recliner, you can view data on virtually any house, condo or lot in any corner of the world. You can drive down virtual streets and nearly peek in the windows of most any home on the planet. You can collect reams of electronic data from multiple sources showing floor plans, tax values, ownership and sale data till your head spins. Zillow’s® massive supercomputers in Irvine, CA will even calculate what they believe you should offer and pay for most properties.

But we think your dream home is more than a collection of data!

Though we see the value of big data in many typical neighborhood settings, where home styles, lots, views and sizes are somewhat homogenous, this approach simply will not fly in a mountain-lake resort setting.

Big Data alone could lead to a big mistake. And a lot of heartache. You really need a local Lakefront Real Estate Consultant to help you locate and acquire your dream home at Smith Mountain Lake.

Our Smith Mountain Homes team of Real Estate Consultants knows the value of every one of the 2,724,800 feet (yes, that’s 520 miles) of shoreline here at Smith Mountain Lake. We have intimate knowledge of every cove and every channel… the views and slopes and home styles that grace our lovely mountain shores. We are experts at matching our clients’ desires to the available properties for sale. The result: your mountain-lake dream come true.

Don’t Try This at Home. 7 Unique Factors You Need to Know.

There are 7 unique factors that drive Smith Mountain Lake waterfront property values, and only one or two could even possibly be discerned through online research. Or even by an inexperienced local agent.

We at Smith Mountain Homes give our clients an appraiser-level knowledge of local properties and the opportunity to move from dreamer to dream waterfront homeowner. With an eye to ROI, we treat your dream home acquisition like an investment – guarding the principle and expecting a healthy return.

We Wrote the Book on Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate.

Our founder, Paul Moore, wrote The Definitive Guide to Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate, a 207-page book that gives buyers a jumpstart to understand the unique intricacies involved in acquiring property here at Smith Mountain Lake. This extensive volume provides insider insight that can never be gained on a national portal or from your experience in real estate elsewhere. Purchase this guide today and tap into well over a century of the Smith Mountain Homes team’s local real estate knowledge and experience.

Better yet, read the book and contact us to schedule a personal tour of Virginia’s Best Kept Secret , The Crown Jewel of the Blue Ridge: Smith Mountain Lake Virginia.



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