Paul Moore

Paul Moore has devoted his entire career to achieving customer satisfaction through comprehensive service and customer care in various arenas. Paul is also an experienced Detroit-area businessman and the founder of Smith Mountain Homes.

With an engineering degree and an MBA from Ohio State, Paul Moore started his career with the Ford Motor Company in Dearborn, MI. After a number of years, Paul left the company and started his own human resources firm, feeling that he could make a difference in an industry plagued by customer service difficulties.

In only five years Paul expanded his firm into a $25 million enterprise. The company had an astounding 100% client retention rate and Paul was twice nominated as a finalist for Michigan’s Entrepreneur of the Year. It was shortly afterward, at the peak of his business’ success, that Paul sold the company to a publicly traded firm. He left his home in Detroit and relocated to the Smith Mountain Lake area.

It was during his move that Paul Moore discovered an exciting opportunity to apply his customer service expertise to the real estate field. As a licensed agent and associate broker with connections to a team of skilled sales representatives and reliable real estate partners, Paul formed Smith Mountain Homes. The Smith Mountain Homes team has worked to improve customer service standards in real estate and has introduced the area to a home ownership process that extends beyond the sale, forming a lasting relationship between all parties involved.

Paul is the author of the book The Definitive Guide To Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate. If you own or are considering buying Smith Mountain Lake property, this book is a must.

He was also featured on HGTV House Hunters. Paul was the only lake REALTOR® in the U.S. selected by HGTV for their waterfront week special edition at that time. This show was viewed by millions around the world, and has heightened interest in Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate even more. View the video of that episode.

Paul Moore
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