Heaven's Gift

Heaven’s Gift

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Heaven's GiftThere is a great deal of Christmas poetry posted here and there this time of year. We liked this one well enough to share it with our readers at Smith Mountain Lake. We would like to wish each of you a very Merry Christmas from Smith Mountain Lake News!

Heaven’s Gift
by Sandra A. Popp

Heaven’s gift has come to man.
Mortal fate rests
In tiny hallowed hands.
Shepherds singing, a shining star,
Angels proclaiming,
Kings bearing gifts from afar.
A scene of serene glory,
The weight of a holy hush,
The meaning of heaven’s story,
God’s first Christmas gift to us.

Who would recall the power of that day,
At the time when He was led away,
Bearing a crown, a robe, and fateful wounds?
Heaven’s gift is laid in a tomb.

Shall we turn from that holy day
And walk away unchanged?
Will we allow it to envelope our souls
Or let it slip slowly away?

Through plastic, tinsel, parties , and gifts,
Shopping, planning, and Christmas lights lit,
Can the Lord’s simple gift be heard or seen,
Or is it lost beneath the holiday sheen?

Let us not forget that He loves us so.
He loved us too much to let us go.
He sent a plan with His sacrifice
To forgive and cleanse and give us life.

Embrace the greatest gift of all;
Don’t let your sense of true meaning wane.
The gift of heaven is yours to receive.
It was the only reason He came.

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