A Bit Of Humor

A Bit of Humor

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A Bit of HumorThey say that laughter is good medicine and so I hope this contribution will bring all the good folks at Smith Mountain Lake, good health and the pleasure of a smiling face.

A young boy stood at the bottom of a telephone pole, with a small bucket at his feet. His neighbor, a widower saw the boy and wondered what he was up to. Finally, after watching the child pick something from the bucket and touch the phone pole several times he walked up and asked what he had in the bucket.

The boy said they were caterpillars. The man turned and noticed a couple of the worms on the phone pole. When he asked why in the world he was putting them on the pole the boy gave this explanation.

“They climb trees and eat the leaves,” the boy explained. “And so,” the boy continued proudly, “I’m foolin’ this bunch by lettin’ ‘em climb the telephone pole.”

The farmer’s wife was sweaty and dirty from where she had been cleaning and washing her laundry by hand when she saw a preacher coming down the road to their door. She told her son to answer the knock and to tell the clergyman that his mother had just gone down the street on an errand.

Since the bottom floor of their farmhouse was one big room and she had no time to go elsewhere, she bent down behind a double clothesline hung near the fire to dry. When the boy had opened the door to the pastor and delivered the message concerning his mother’s absence, the minister cast a sharp look toward the screen of drying clothes and gave the boy a message for his Mom.

“Well my boy, tell your mother I came by to speak to her. And you might also tell her that the next time she runs an errand, she should take her feet along.”


Our friends had company from out of town so they took them to visit the zoo. When the older couple halted before the hippopotamus swimming in their pool, the husband remarked with amazement about how large the fish grew there. The wife replied that the animal was certainly not a fish but some sort of reptile.

That was how the argument began. It progressed to a point of such violence that the lady began smacking the husband with her umbrella. The old man dodged and ran, with the wife in pursuit. The trainer had just opened the door of the lion’s cage, and the old man ran past him to hide. He crowded in behind the largest lion and peered over its shoulder, looking warily for his wife.  On the other side of the bars, his wife shook her umbrella furiously as she saw him and shouted “Coward!”

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