A Tribute To Character

A Tribute To Character

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Anyone living near Smith Mountain Lake has undoubtedly heard the words, “Oh yeah, you live near Liberty University”, at least a time or two. Known far and wide for offering a high-quality Christian education, Liberty University’s founder Jerry Falwell, died last week as almost everyone has heard by now.

Mr. Falwell created much controversy throughout his life, and it’s highly unlikely that anyone agreed exactly with a man of so many strong opinions and beliefs. However, it seems worthy of note that unlike so many of our day and age, Jerry Falwell did stand up for what he saw as right, and taught publicly against the wrong. In a world where moral lines blur more with each passing year, it was refreshing to me to see a man unafraid to speak what he believed was the truth, and even apologize when he was offensive or in the wrong.

Mr. Falwell was not always a man of Christian character, but in college, he came to believe in Christ, and as a result, the course of his life was changed, and through him many other lives as well. No man can lay claim to perfection, but it seems the world will be a poorer place without men who stand up for their convictions, like our neighbor, Jerry Falwell.

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