Airports Near Smith Mountain Lake Virginia

Airports Near Smith Mountain Lake

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Smith Mountain Lake has no lack of conveniences. It even has its private charter airport in Moneta. If the Smith Mountain Lake Airport is smaller than some would prefer, there are other larger airports within a 30 to 60-minute drive. If you would like more information about flight schedules or directions to any of these airports, you may call the phone numbers listed below or click on their names for further details.

Smith Mountain Lake Airport: 540.297.4500 (private charter)

Elevation: 893 feet
Latitude: 37ø06’27″N
Longitude: 79ø35’35” W
Nearest City: Moneta
County: Bedford

Roanoke Blacksburg Regional Airport: 540.362.1999

Lynchburg Regional Airport: 540.582.1150

New London Airport: 434.525.2988 (private charter)

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