American Recreational Trams

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american recreational tramsIf your property at Smith Mountain Lake has a steep incline down to the shore or a lot of traveling distance from side to side, it’s possible the idea of a simple lightweight tram car would appeal to you. It could improve ease of travel around your property, save your health (if you struggle to make the climb), and increase the value of your property on the whole.

A company called American Recreational Trams can install these little cars that safely transport up to four passengers in a safe fashion with just the touch of a button. I was rather fascinated at these transport machines, or hillside elevators as some call them, and thought how convenient they would be for my elderly mother for going up and down steep banks. They can hold up to 1,000lbs and have six individual Safety Braking Systems.

If this idea is one that interests you, you can find out more at or call  John Wrigley at 540-904-0257.

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