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Anyone For Goofy Golf?

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Anyone For Goofy Golf?When I was a kid, we called miniature golf, goofy golf, or putt putt and it was all the rage. Here at Smith Mountain Lake, we have a couple of great mini golf courses and your kids are as likely to love it as I did.

To make it even more fun we played teams, my Dad and I against my sister and my Mom. We then would keep count of our scores for a month and whichever team won the most points during that time didn’t have to do any of the chores that Saturday and Sunday. We would trade team members regularly which made for one of my favorite memories. That was the month when my sister and I beat our parent’s score and they had to do all the chores while we did nothing but have fun that weekend.

Our family often made a day of it and went out to lunch (took turns picking where), played a few rounds of goofy golf, and maybe even caught an afternoon matinee at the local theatre. If you haven’t taken the kids out to your local miniature golf course or had a family day recently, give it a go. It might even become a tradition.

Hot Shots – phone: 540-719-1547

Harbortown Miniature Golf Course on the water. Phone:540-814-1613.

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