Benefits Of A Real Estate Team

Benefits of a Real Estate Team

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The world of real estate, buying, and selling, can be confusing if you are not familiar with the way everything works. This makes having a real estate agent a priority in many cases. If you are dreaming of a new home and some waterfront real estate on Smith Mountain Lake, you may want to consider what Robert Earl says about real estate teams vs. single agents.

A lot of people are not even aware they have a choice in this arena of real estate. But for many the idea of having a team of people working on their behalf, is much more appealing than working with a single agent. Of course, you still have a specific person from that team who is your main contact, but you also have the benefit of several heads working for your cause. Mr. Earl makes some excellent points in his article below.


Benefits Of A real Estate Team


Should I select a real estate team or a single real estate agent?

Some people prefer to make sure that one person is responsible for & doing everything involved with a particular service. They don’t want to have to track down multiple people & get multiple answers to what is going on.

Now if you are one of those people then you don’t need to read any further because this article is going to focus on the benefits of working with a Real Estate Team as compared to working with an individual agent.

Also, if this is the case, then you probably don’t appreciate the services that are provided by your local grocery store or restaurant, or gas station for that matter.

These industries have found over the years that a team approach ultimately provides a great level of customer service to the customer.

While it may have been slow to initially take this team approach, the real estate industry is catching on.

With real estate companies looking to better serve the marketplace, some individual agents have taken it upon themselves to create real estate teams to benefit home buyers and sellers.

How? The Team Leader, usually an experienced Real Estate Agent has taken the time to examine the entire real estate transaction process & identify the key steps & the standards of service that need to be provided for optimum customer satisfaction.

Benefits Of A Real Estate Team

Team Members are empowered to make the necessary decisions and to take the required actions. They are trained to know when something is outside their area of expertise so that they can get the Managing Agent involved if needed.

This expertise of team members is particularly leveraged in the areas of Marketing, Transaction Coordination, and feedback follow-up. The customer benefits from the levels of efficiency & levels of the specialty of the individual team members.

Inquiries from prospective buyers or their agents are handled promptly vs. waiting for the individual agent to try to get back to them when they get around to it. Potential problems are avoided or mitigated during the closing process because team members are free to proactively coordinate & communicate with the lender, settlement company & other Agents.

The Benefits Of A Real Estate Team


And last but not least, the adage of two eyes being better than one applies. Team members are trained to implement checks & balances and are trained to coordinate reviews and handoffs, all while the Lead Agent is available to Manage, Oversee, and clarify.

When assembled, a well-running, trained, Real Estate Team is Truly a Time and money-saving benefit to those looking to buy a home or sell a home as opposed to working with an individual agent.

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Robert Earl – Founder of The Earl of Real Estate Team is a Real Estate Entrepreneur & Real Estate Coach based in Northern Virginia. The Earl’s Site presents Falls_Church Condos for Sale – Falls_Church Condo Communities 

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