Birds Of Spring

Birds of Spring

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Birds of SpringBird watching is a much-enjoyed hobby of nature lovers at Smith Mountain Lake and all over the U.S. Very likely we all have a few birds we know on sight,  as well as several birds that frequent our backyards and bird feeders which we cannot identify.

Being the lover of all God’s Creation that I am, I have endeavored to find out some of the most common birds we are likely to see here in Virginia. For those of you who are not sure of the identity of the little feathered fellows you see, I am posting some links where you can see some pictures rather than reading my poor descriptions.

Identification of U.S. Songbirds by Color

Free Bird Book Online – Identify Birds

In my bird search, I came across several other interesting links that other nature lovers will want to take a look at if they have not seen them already. One is for the Northern Virginia Photographic Society which has an outing planned for later this month. You can visit them at

Another great site is Bird It has loads of information for events and even other helpful links for bird watchers. And finally, A Guide to Not Mis-identifying Birds.

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