Boating precautions in dry weather

Boating Precautions in Dry Weather

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boating precautions in dry weatherEveryone is out enjoying the summer at Smith Mountain Lake, and boating is one of the best parts of life on the Lake. However, no boater should forget that the lake is a creature affected by seasons and weather just like the rest of us folks only in a bit different way. The Smith Mountain Eagle gives us some pointers for one of the precautions we should take during seasons when the water levels are lower due to drier weather.

With the water level at Smith Mountain Lake showing some of its lowest levels of the year during the past few days, the SML Water Safety Council is asking Lake boaters to be especially alert to underwater navigation hazards.

“Boat operators should pay special attention to water depth until we get conditions that raise the Lake back to normal levels. We suggest staying a bit further from shore than usual just to play it safe.”

For water level information, call (540) 985-2767 or visit

You can read the full article in the Smith Mountain Eagle.

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