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We recently received a question from a reader about whether you could take the Smith Mountain Lake boater safety course online. We were pleasantly surprised to find that you can take your boating safety course online, but you can even get a video series of the course if you prefer.

Boating Safety and Courses At Smith Mountain Lake

If you enjoy the water and spend a good deal of time in your boat you must take a boater safety course. It is good to know you can now get all that valuable information in your home and study it at your convenience. Below is some more important info. you should know if you are on the lake frequently.

By Virginia law, you must carry certain safety equipment in your boat: a fire extinguisher, personal flotation devices designed to fit each boater, a loud horn, a flat flotation cushion, and the registration for your boat (or rental agreement).

– While all passengers must have access to their life jackets, kids under 14yrs. of age are required to WEAR their life jacket or flotation device at all times on the lake.

SML Boating Safety

In a no-wake cove (indicated by no-wake buoys) you are required by law to operate your boat at your boat’s lowest possible navigable forward speed.

All of these safety equipment laws are extremely important and failure to follow them can result in steep fines. To report boating violations on Smith Mountain Lake, call the Virginia Wildlife Crime Line at 800-237-5712. You will need the boat’s registration number, a description of the people in the boat, and at least two witnesses including yourself.

Check out ways to take your Boater Safety Course… at   https://dwr.virginia.gov/boating/education/requirement/steps-to-requirement/.


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