Bridgewater Marina Boat Rentals

Bridgewater Marina Boat Rentals

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Bridgewater Marina Boat RentalsUnless you own a boat you will need a trustworthy boat rental company to fully enjoy Smith Mountain Lake this upcoming season. I think Bridgewater Marina Boat Rentals is one of the best you could choose.

Last year, my son, Jonathon, turned 18.  It was, of course, a big day for him, and we wanted to do something special for him as a family. Something unique that he wouldn’t forget. We considered renting a houseboat but decided that wouldn’t be as fast or fun. We thought about Sea-Doos, but we wanted to stay together as a family all day.

I called my friend, Roy Enslow at Bridgewater Marina. Roy set our family up with just the perfect boat and spent the time we needed to feel comfortable with it.  And we ended up having an incredibly perfect and memorable day together!

We had a great time touring the lake and even found a new island we’d never been to. I could go on and on, but I can do better. Here is a video of our family out on the lake that day.

I always recommend Bridgewater Marina Boat Rentals to our clients without any hesitation. Not only are they very conveniently located on the lake (right at Hales Ford Bridge), but they have the best service I have experienced so far. They seem to care about their client’s needs and safety. They were kind to my children and they made sure we understood everything about the boat.

If you want to create your special day on the lake, call Roy and his excellent staff at (540) 721-1639 or visit them online at Tell them Paul Moore sent you.

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  1. Paul…I enjoyed reading your post today. I would like to repost it on my site as a guest post by you with links back to your page. We need to reach as many visitors to the lake as possible with information about businesses such as Bridgewater Marina. I get a lot of questions about marinas, boat rentals, etc. and your post today would be very helpful. Please let me know if you would allow me to use as a guest post on The Smith Mountain Lake Show. Thanks, Dianne

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