buying lakeshore property part 2

Buying Lakeshore Property Part 2

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So you love Smith Mountain Lake as much as we do and plan to buy a piece of real estate for yourself? Make sure you pick the property that will suit you and your family for generations to come with the helpful information in Part 2 of Mike and Harriet Wock’s article from Kenyon Blunt’s Lake Home Tips. They bring up the aspects of lake living that may be important to you in years to come, but that might not all come to your mind in the excitement of the buy.

buying lakeshore property part 2

Do you or your guests intend on fishing? Do you want to fish in summer and winter? Some lakes are not fishable in winter, others contain “hotspots”. What’s the quality of fishing – poor – good – excellent? What species of fish reside in the lake; walleye, muskie, bass, or rough fish? Is this what you want to catch? Is there winter kill?

Some lakefront properties offer vast biodiversity. For instance, on Rice Lake near Brainerd and Clear Lake near Pequot Lakes, you will find a mixture of beautiful sand lake shore coupled with cool natural flowing springs. Biodiversity like this is rare and priceless but within your grasp. Lakes that are fed by rivers like Minnesota, St. Croix, or Mississippi offer more diversity to explore and enjoy. The adjoining river is an extension of the lake. In essence, the river increases the lake size and opportunities.

Location On The Lake
Every lake lot has advantages or disadvantages depending on where they are located and your perspective. If your house is located on the east side of the lake, you’ll likely experience beautiful sunsets. If your house is on the west side you’ll likely get a view of the neat sunrises. Does this make a difference to you? What’s the elevation of the lake like? Steep or gradual? Can you see the lake from the house? Do you have to wade through swamps or weeds to get to the lake?

Lake Water Levels
In north-central MN, we’ve experienced a few back-to-back years of below-average rainfall. Some lake levels have dropped a foot or two. On these lakes, lakefront property owners have experienced the “receding” water level dilemma. Their boat lifts are dry-docked, and their docks eerily end before the water begins.

buying lakeshore property part 2

Availability of Services
For some buyers, it is important to be close to the amenities that make cabin life comfortable. Such as restaurants, bars, gas, bait, golf courses, hardware, and groceries.

Distance And Travel Time
For most buyers distance and travel time is important. If you are buying a lake home, live in (a bigger city) and plan on spending most weekends at the lake, distance and travel time can be significant factors in your purchase decision. Would you rather spend five hours or ten hours a weekend (in the car with anxious kids) commuting to/from the lake?

Lakeshore Building Restrictions
Lakeshore building guidelines are set by the state. Each county must adhere to the state guidelines but they can also set their local restrictions. These collective guidelines dictate things like; setbacks of the house from the lake and property lines, and where the well and septic systems must be located. Are you planning on buying a property with the desire to expand later? If so, make sure that your expansion plans conform with “lakeshore” zoning guidelines. State and county zoning guidelines are available via the World Wide Web.

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