Cat Lovers: Highland Lynx Kittens

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Cat Lovers: Highland Lynx KittensFor those of you at Smith Mountain Lake who love cats of all kinds, you will be interested in a newer breed of cat called the Highland Lynx. Even more exciting is that there is now a breeder of these marvelous cats in Franklin Co.

What is a Highlander or a Highland Lynx cat and how is it different from other cats? The Highland Lynx is said to be a hybrid breed descended of the mating from a domestic cat and bobcat (or other wild cat). While no-one knows the history of these exotic cats for certain, one thing is for sure, they are indeed wild looking and beautiful creatures.

Some of the common characteristics of Highland Lynx kittens that often captivate their owners into having several at a time are: curled ears often with the bobcat tufts, big poly-dactyl paws (more than the average 5 toes on front/4 on back), bobtails (though normal tails and bobcat half length are also common) and leopard/cheetah type markings and coloration.

These are truly gorgeous animals. They have the wild look but the loving disposition of a dog. In fact some say, these cats are the best of both cats and dogs. They also come with a price tag similar to the more popular dog breeds such as golden retrievers; in the $400 to $700 range. But for those who share their homes with these fun, loving and beautiful creatures, they say you will never want to be without one again.

If you would like to see more pictures and learn more about the Highland Lynx cats and kittens visit the Shepherd’s Lair, owned by Franklin Co. residents Doug and Holly Nicholson.

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  1. I have two of the highland lynx cats & they are truly a unique breed. We thoroughly enjoy their companionship each & every day!

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