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CorrectionThanks to the comment of a reader, I was made aware of a mistake on the post of March 10th called ‘Unusually Early Easter’.  He pointed out that I had missed the next date that Easter would occur on March 23rd and skipped to the one after it.

He is correct. The next time Easter will occur as early as March 23rd is 2160. Then not again until 2228. Some of you might enjoy the site I used to check my dates as it covers all sorts of interesting facts and dates regarding Easterners’ past, present, and future.

Thank you Kornflower for pointing out that oversight. Hope everyone had an Easter Sunday full of many reasons to give thanks.

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  1. Oops– I read your “Easter correction” here saying that I’m a “she.” I’m a “he” not a “she”…
    so sorry for the “korn-fusion!”


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