Decorating Your Home With Stone Part 1

Decorating Your Home With Stone Part 1

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Decorating Your Home With Stone Part 1Our Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate is important to us. Our homes on the lake are more than just buildings, they are a refuge and a haven from the noise and hustle of the world so many of us must function in during the week. Because our resting environment is so significant, it should be pleasant to the eye and suited to our needs.

One way to meet both of those criteria is to use stone or granite tops for the multiple surfaces found in the home. Stone and granite are absolutely beautiful on kitchen counters, bathroom sinks, around fireplaces, shower floors, you name it. I found a great article to share with you by Phoebe Chongchua at ‘Real Estate Update’ (with Kirk Greer) regarding the use of stone/granite as part of your home decor.

It’s as old as time, but as popular as ever. Stone is rapidly making its way into homes as perhaps one of the fastest-growing decorating trends. The European Old World look brings with it a luxurious style and ease and comfort that gives a home personality. Homeowners are leaving behind the once-preferred 70’s looks of wall-to-wall carpeting throughout the house, linoleum kitchen floors, and vinyl tiles in the bathroom, and instead choosing natural stone, Versailles patterns, travertine, and limestone, with honed-matte finished surfaces. For countertops, homeowners use two tones, finishing their kitchen island in limestone and the surrounding kitchen countertops in granite materials for a unique style.

At one time granite and marble were only seen in office buildings, while rustic-style stone only was used in vacation homes.

“People are trying to personalize their homes more than they did before. Before you used to go through the house, you’d do everything the same overall. Now people are bringing different types of materials like glass tile, mosaics, different designs, different sizes, and textures, into the same room. They tend to want to give each room more personality by adding different types of products,” said Giovanna Gomes, President of Stones Unlimited on Miramar Road.

What is completely losing a place in homes is the white tile countertops that were the staple in every home for decades. “White tile used to be typical when building or remodeling a house. Now we’re seeing all white ceramic tile is being replaced with solid surface countertops such as granite which has no grout lines and is easier to care for,” said Lilliana Bosforo, Director of Fabrication for Stones Unlimited.

There are many different choices, sizes, textures, and styles of stone. Pricing varies depending on the type selected. Some very expensive flooring is even brought back from old chateaus and farmhouses in Europe that are scheduled for demolition. The 100 to 200-year-old stone material is brought to the US for cleaning, sanitizing, sizing, and cataloging.

Written by Phoebe Chongchua at Real Estate Update with Kirk Greer.

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