Decorating Your Home With Stone Part 2

Decorating Your Home With Stone Part 2

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Decorating Your Home With Stone Part 2Stone or granite countertops in a home can add both monetary and aesthetic value to a piece of Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate. Here is part 2 of an informative article on adding stone to your decor by Phoebe Chongchua of Real Estate Update with Kirk Greer.

The chic look and durability of the stone make it appealing to homeowners. But experts caution that before it’s put in homeowners should understand the maintenance required and the issues that may come up. One of the most common problems is stains. Because stone is very porous, if you spill things on it, the stone can easily absorb the liquid. However, proper care such as sealing the stone can alleviate this problem.

Gomes also said that you should consider how much foot traffic you have in various areas of your home before putting in stone floors. “Honed surfaces are usually the best because they’re matte finishes so they don’t wear like a polished material would. A polished marble will scratch and if you drop something acidic it’ll etch which means the polish will be removed in that particular area. So there are more maintenance issues with polished surfaces,” said Gomes.

However, honed surfaces show less wear pattern. Gomes said you can also be more aggressive with your cleaning, “It’ll always look beautiful.”

For countertops, Bosforo recommends granite because it is dense and easy to maintain. “You’re going to have your least amount of problems with granite over marbles or limestone which some people do put in their kitchens, but we let them know that there will be more maintenance with a marble or a limestone and, of course, you’d want to do it honed,” Bosforo said.

Another reason granite is recommended over marble or limestone is that acids in some foods can etch the stone and cause it to leave marks or rings on the materials.

When deciding which stone to choose, keep in mind these handy tips from Stones Unlimited:

  1. Granite is most suitable for kitchens and bar counters because it is the most dense. It also resists hot and cold. Acidic foods will not etch the polish.
  2. Marble is not as dense as granite but is more so than travertine. Marble works well for bathroom flooring, backsplashes, and fireplaces.
  3. Travertine is not as dense as marble but is more so than limestone.
  4. Limestone is the softest and most porous of the stones. It requires more frequent sealing.
  5. Slate is an excellent choice for outdoors or indoors.

Written by Phoebe Chongchua of Real Estate Update with Kirk Greer.

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