Do As I Say.....Or As I Do?

Do As I Say…..Or As I Do?

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Do As I Say.....Or As I Do?None of us are perfect, whether we live in Smith Mountain Lake, Alaska, or Africa. But it’s not necessary to be perfect to be a good role model and a blessing to those around you.

Okay, so what is necessary? Being dependable, even-tempered, honest, trustworthy, and consistent are among the most important qualities of anyone who wants to be a person of integrity.

Let’s just take the last one. To live consistently with one’s words and beliefs is sort of the opposite of hypocrisy. Do a quick inventory by asking yourself:

– Do you say things that you would be appalled at hearing from your children’s mouths? – Do you use the same measure of honesty with your mate that you expect them to use with you?
– Do you give the quality of labor at work that you would want from your employees?
– Do you say you believe in God and then take His name in vain?
– Do you go to church on Sunday and yet choose entertainment that you know you could not take Jesus to?

We stand horrified by today’s morals, the crime, and the conflicted youth of our culture, but culture is the product of its individuals. If you and I are not living consistently with our beliefs, then the next generation that learned from us won’t be either.

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