Dock Dogs At The Lake

Dock Dogs at the Lake

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A unique competition will be occurring at the upcoming Smith Mountain Lake Bass Tournament. The Smith Mountain Eagle tells the tale of the newest of sports involving dogs: Dogs that compete based on the height or distance they can jump.


DockDogs(r) will be featured at the upcoming Bassmaster Elite Series on June 8-10 at Smith Mountain Lake.

DockDogs(r) is currently one of the most popular and on-the-rise canine sports in North America. As seen on ESPN’s Great Outdoor Games, the dogs jump off a 40-foot dock into a pool. The dogs are categorized for either height (Extreme Vertical) or distance (Big Air Waves). The event is sure to be exciting for the competitors, as well as intrigued fans.

The weekend competition will consist of five Big Air Wave and two Extreme Vertical competitions. It doesn’t matter if your pup is an amateur or not, everybody is encouraged to join in the guaranteed good time. As long as the canine is at least six month’s they can register. The same goes for the handlers. Young handlers (ages 7-14) can participate for only a $10 entry fee. The event also encourages and provides an opportunity for beginner dogs to be introduced to the thrilling sport. For those who are new to the sport, training sessions are provided for teams before the actual event

If you or your canine are interested, make sure to take advantage of this DockDogs(r) event. See if your dog has what it takes to be a high-flyer! Check out for pre-registration, and general information. Also, to view the up-to-date schedule of events and times simply click on the “Events” link at the previous web address.

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