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Eco-Friendly Foods in Moneta, Va.

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Eco-Friendly Foods in Moneta, Va.There is a wonderful business right here in our Smith Mountain Lake community that many of us are unaware of. Everyone is aware however of the growing health concerns involving pesticides, hormones, and antibiotics used in the meat and poultry industries, and many of us are diligently trying to avoid these elements where we are able.

EcoFriendly Foods can help with this health concern. They procure, process, and distribute quality meats and poultry that are raised on small environmentally responsible farms.  Their sustainable farming model is good for the farmer, the animal, the consumer, and the environment. They hope to bring the conscientious farmer and consumer together with hopes of creating real and sustainable change for the future.

For more information call 540.297.9582 or contact them at 3397 Stony Fork Road Moneta, Virginia 24121. FAX: 540.297.9583 or call Toll-free: 1-866-EcoFriend (866.326.3743)

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