Enjoy the Waves While You Enjoy the Waves

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So you’ve taken every possible measure to enjoy your day on Smith Mountain Lake.  You’ve got the boat fueled, fishing equipment gathered and stowed, waterboards and skis ready to go and the coolers stocked and you take off for a day on the waves.  You take the time to find just the right spot to anchor and start taking in the scenery and when you want to enjoy the view with some music in the background, you find yourself out of reach of your favorite spot on the radio waves.  Or even worse, you’ve been putting up with way too many of those annoying radio commercials, just to get to a few of the songs you really want to hear.

The manufacturers of XM Satelite Radio are here to save the day!  And as expected, the crew at The Lake Channel has an article written by Lori Wolak covering this very subject.  Lori extensively covers this topic, from coverage availability to costs to brands of equipment.  Here’s just a quick excerpt from the article:

“Tired of having to carry CDs on the boat in order to have some decent tunes to listen to on the water? Tired of listening to inane radio commercials when all you want to hear is some music? We are told we can hear any music we want, wherever and whenever we want, with Satellite Radio. Can it be as good as they say it is?  Can the millions of subscribers of XM Satellite Radio be wrong?”

So, if you’re needing to invest in a different solution to your entertainment needs, click here to get the information you need before investing in XM Satellite Radio.

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