Equinology: All Things To Do With Horses

Equinology: All Things To Do With Horses

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Equinology: All Things To Do With HorsesNot many things are more beautiful than the sight of horses running through a meadow or frolicking in a field. For those who would like to do more than just enjoy the sight of them, some classes can be taken near Smith Mountain Lake involving just about every aspect of equine care. If you would like specific information on location and pricing, etc. check out the link at the bottom of the article.

Equinology, Inc. ® is a company dedicated to providing quality courses in horse health science and care. The curriculum is developed and constantly revised to interest the practicing professional as well as those just beginning their studies in various equine health fields. Our satisfied students include veterinarians, chiropractors, physical therapists, massage therapists, trainers, grooms, barn managers, owners, and those who have no previous horse experience. Care has been taken in choosing instructors and subjects that will enhance, review, and expand your knowledge in your particular equine field. All the courses are taught by veterinarians or specialists in their fields. Students searching for continued education required by their state will find what they need through Equinology, Inc. ®. For those working towards certification, Equinology, Inc. ® has outlined an ideal program to enable students to practice at their full potential. It is not our intention that you take all the required courses through us many of you have already fulfilled some prerequisites. Individual workshops are one day to two weeks in length. Most courses, except selected specialty classes, are offered at least once a year.  Equinology, Inc. ® has earned respect in the field because of our dedication to turning out well-prepared students and because we offer continuing education.

Call the Equinology Main Administrative Office at 707 884-9963 or write office@equinology.com. You may also call the East Coast Coordinator, Ruth Mitchell at 540 721 4545 for information.

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