Factors In Caring For A Waterfront Home

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We love our waterfront homes, be they on lake, river, or ocean. Many fans of waterfront living will tell you it is the only way to live. However, because they are subject to above average moisture year round, homes that are built on the water require special care compared to traditional houses. Here is a breakdown of some of the unique maintenance considerations:

How To Deal with the Elements:

- Erosion control: If your property borders the water, take steps to manage erosion.   This might involve using landscaping techniques, riprap or installing seawalls.
- Wind and storms: Waterfront properties may sometimes be more frequently exposed to   strong winds and storms. Regularly inspect your roof, windows, and doors for damage and  repair problems rapidly before they cause more serious issues.
- Increased exposure: Constant moisture exposure take a toll on building materials. Ex-pect to replace siding, roofing, and exterior paint more frequently than with a regular house.

Moisture Management:

- Dehumidification: The constant presence of water can lead to high humidity inside the house. Use dehumidifiers to prevent mold growth and mildew buildup.
- Proper ventilation: Ensure proper ventilation throughout your house to prevent moisture from accumulating.
- Rust prevention: Use corrosion-resistant materials for hardware, fasteners, and appliances near the water to minimize rust.

Docks, decks and Piers:

- Regular inspections: Docks and piers require regular inspections for damage caused by constant exposure to sun, water, and wear-and-tear.
- Cleaning and maintenance: Regularly clean your dock or pier with freshwater and appropriate detergents to remove buildup and debris.
- Sealants and coatings: Apply sealants and coatings to wooden components of your dock, deck or pier to extend their lifespan.

Additional Considerations:

- Landscaping: Choose moisture tolerant and erosion-resistant plants for your landscap-ing near the water.
- Regulations: There might be local regulations regarding waterfront property maintenance and construction. Be sure to research guidelines for your area.

Remember, consulting with professionals experienced in waterfront home maintenance can be invaluable. They can provide specific guidance based on your location, type of water body, and the materials used in your home. Once you know your lakefront home is protected and maintained properly, you can sit back and relax and enjoy the many wonderful benefits of lake living!

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