Fishing In The Fall At Smith Mountain Lake

Fishing In the Fall

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Fishing In the FallI get a little sick of hearing folks at Smith Mountain Lake (and all over for that matter) talk about how time flies. But the worst part of it is that I do it myself! Oh well, perhaps it is inevitable not to find yourself in shock when you wake up and find that you are not only 50 years old but have 5 grandchildren. (Smile)

And on that note, I find that it is Autumn once again and it seems like just yesterday that we were feeling so thankful the harsh winter was over…(see what I mean?).  On the bright side fall is a great time for fishing, which you never get too old for, and which you can enjoy in every season as Stacy Stapels tells us below.

As summer winds down and fall approaches, get ready for some great fishing days ahead. Fish become more active at various lake depths, going on a feeding frenzy as they get ready for winter. Bass fishing in particular can be a lot more rewarding in the fall season.

As the lake temperature cools down, fish metabolisms get revved up, increasing feeding activity. Fish instinctively know that winter will be setting in soon, and are getting prepared. Bass in particular will be starting to strike at anything, much to the delight of die-hard bass fishermen, but you will find all fishing will be on the increase.

Just as fish sink lower into deep holes for the summer to escape the warm water, they are now rising closer to the surface as the water temperature cools. This is typically why summer fishing in the early morning or late evening is best, but now fish will have to be more active all day long. A favorite fishing spot that may have eluded you all summer will suddenly become a hotbed of activity. And because the fish are rising closer to the surface to feed, this is also a great time to use a shallow or top water lure.

You will also find as the water temperature continues to cool off; fish are spending more time in the warmer shallow water. Look for fish under docks, boats, around seawalls, underwater wood piles, stumps, rocks, or anything that will hold in heat. Don’t forget weedy areas as larger fish will also look around these areas for baitfish. Also keep in mind that if you catch one bass in an area, don’t be too hasty to move on. Bass ‘school up’ in the fall to hunt and where you hook one, chances are there will probably be more.

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In general, the bugs are fewer in number as the temperatures cool, and of course, less heat also makes the whole fishing experience more pleasant for us as well. There is no question that the fall is a great time to fish for various reasons, if for no other reason than getting a panoramic view of the changing leaves reflected in the water and the peaceful, crisp air of the season.

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