Fishing In The Winter

Fishing in the Winter

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Fishing In The Winter Does life around Smith Mountain Lake seem a little short of activity this time of year? Try your hand at fishing. According to local experts, winter is the perfect time of year to haul in the “big one”! Captain Todd of The Shad Taxi writes:

Fishing Weather: Hook, Line, and Sinker…

If you’d like to catch some big fish and plenty of them, the cool, cloudy days make the perfect time to go.

I took a fishing trip with Todd Keith on the Shad Taxi. Todd is a professional striper fishing guide at Smith Mountain Lake. “When the water is colder, the fish huddle together.” “When you throw in the bait, they are all trying to compete for the same food.”

Weather features also play a big part in whether it’s a good fishing day, or a day simply to stay at home. The change in barometric pressure is key to getting lots of hits. High pressure, typically leads to sunny days, but it also usually results in a very slow fishing day. “High pressure causes the fish to go deeper in the water,” says Captain Todd. “It also causes the fish’s swim bladder to expand pushing up against its stomach. This makes the fish feel full, and less likely to bite. Likewise, on a day with low pressure, the fish now feels hungry and ready to feed. This same reasoning is why most avid fishermen and fisherwomen prefer to drop a line on overcast or rainy days.

For more on Captain Todd’s Smith Mountain Lake fishing adventures, visit, or call: 540-767-2528.

**Beyond the Forecast EXTRA: The water at Smith Mountain Lake has been 10-15 degrees above normal this winter, due to the mild weather we have been seeing. Captain Todd says it will be interesting to see if the fish will be confused and change their typical patterns come spring.

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