Frustrated By A Closed Door

Frustrated By a Closed Door?

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Frustrated By a Closed DoorWhile Smith Mountain Lake is a wonderful place to live, life is not perfect anywhere in this world. We get frustrated by things that hinder our plans and block our footsteps. But there is a different way to look at closed doors that can make a positive difference in our attitude.

We need to learn to thank God as much for a closed door as we do for a door that opens to what we want. The reason God closes doors is that He knows there is nothing good for us on the other side.

God sometimes directs our paths through the closing and opening of doors. Once a door closes, it forces you to change your course. Another door closes, and it forces you to change your course again. We receive God’s very best when we peacefully accept what we cannot change and let Him lead.We tend to judge with human eyes and resent any kind of roadblock in our plans. But God can see trouble down the road and set up a roadblock or detour accordingly. Through our lack of wisdom, we try to tear down and push aside the detour signs. Then the minute we get into trouble, we start crying, “Lord, how could You have done this to me?”

We must learn to accept that a closed door can be a blessing. If you get terminated from your job, praise God for the new opportunities that will manifest themselves. There may be a better job ahead, time to spend on another project, or just the freedom to make a needed trip. The possibilities are endless with God.

Too often we get bogged down in doubt and discouragement when we judge by outward appearance only. But we can be thankful for the many times our Father has closed doors to us to protect us from evil.

Trust Him, for in His perfect timing, He will lead you to the open door that will be more deeply satisfying than anything you could have imagined for yourself.

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