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George W. Bush at Smith Mountain Lake?

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Smith Mountain Lake is known for many wonderful reasons the most recent of which is a famous visitor we entertained. Many of our readers would find it fascinating to meet George W. Bush and would appreciate it even more if he told the world what a great place our hometown is.

Watch this YouTube video and hear for yourself what our famous guest has to say about Smith Mountain Lake.

Well, we hope you enjoyed this April Fool’s Day Edition of the Smith Mountain Homes Newsletter! We thank John Morgan – America’s foremost George W. Bush impersonator – for joining us on this issue. He has been on national TV on The Tony Danza Show, The View, Family Feud, America’s Got Talent, the Dove Awards, on tour with Sean Hannity’s Freedom Tour, and much more. He provided the entertainment at the recent CPAC Convention near DC, and… for some strange reason… he seems to be getting more popular again.

If you want to hire W… I mean John… for your next event or a fun video for your company, party, or family, you may contact him at Or email him at

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