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Having troubles keeping up with the Jones’ in the battle of the beautiful backyard?  While continuing my online research to discover the best use of my landscaping budget, I recently found an article by contributing writer for, Kelli B. Grant, who gives us the low-down on how to maximize the most green while investing just a little green.  Just to give you an overview, she covered alot of really great ‘tricks’ to achieve the look that will make everyone else look.  The topics include DIY stores, When to Hire a Pro, Multi-year Projects, Home Values, Plant to Save Energy, Selecting a Good Mix, When to Buy Big Ticket Items and Embrace Mulch.  Here’s a quick excerpt from the article:

Backyards have become rooms unto themselves, equipped with waterfalls and
flat-screen TVs, says Susan McCoy, president of Garden Media Group, a marketing
firm that specializes in outdoor products. "The outdoors has truly become an
extension of your home," she says.

If you want to read the rest of Kelli’s article, click here.  Enjoy the green!

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