Eastlake Community Church At Smith Mountain Lake VA

Getting God To Do What You Want

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Getting God To Do What You WantThe folks at Smith Mountain Lake are not alone in wishing they could sometimes get the Lord to do what they want Him to. Human nature everywhere desires its way. Fortunately for us,  it does not work that way.

We, humans, have it backward. God is trying to get us to do what He wants because His ways are perfect and our ways quite obviously are not. God knows what to do. He does not require our help in running the universe perfectly.

How would you feel about a toddler telling his Mom and Dad what decisions they should make? It is far more insane to think that we could tell the Maker of the Universe what is best for us!

Our decisions have produced nothing but chaos and harmful consequences. What we need is Someone bigger than ourselves to trust in, not more of what we have already tried to accomplish on our own and seen the results of.

Let’s imagine that we could get God to do things our way. Would that solve the problems in our world and our lives? The answer to that question can be seen in lives all around us. People who have pursued their own way in all the common avenues (money, fame, sex, etc.) are committing suicide, divorcing, grieving over children gone bad, and still searching for the missing link.

The Creator has a perfect plan and man mistakenly believes he can improve on that plan. What we need is to learn from the Master and follow His directions. We need to learn His ways, not put more of our own into play. Our ways have gotten us into a mess. If God cares about us, He is hardly going to give us more fuel to take us down the road to destruction.

God knows infinitely more than we ever could and He loves us more than we even love ourselves. He desires our good and wants to do what is best for us. There is every reason in the world to trust Someone like that!!

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