Getting Others To Listen

Getting Others To Listen

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Getting Others To ListenPerhaps you are a business owner at Smith Mountain Lake trying to foster your employee’s untapped potential. Or maybe you are a frustrated son who can’t get your Dad to listen to you, or a wife who needs to be understood by her man. There are any one of a thousand scenarios that demonstrate the desire we all have to be listened to.

Far too often, people view those they are trying to convince of something as “they” versus “us”. While it may feel like you are on opposite sides of the fence, in reality, it is often more likely that there is a lack of trust that has caused communication to take on a defensive nature.

Whoever it is you want to reach with your perspective, information, ideas, etc. you must be willing to invest some time to develop a relationship based on trust. Any healthy relationship requires listening to the other person to find out where they are in their thoughts and emotions. When you authentically listen to others, they will genuinely listen to you.

People listen when they feel cared about and respected. When you genuinely respect someone, that will include listening to them. Simply by listening attentively to someone you show that you care about that person and place value on them.

The next time you are struggling to feel heard, remember that….. people listen to people who listen.

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