Recycling At Smith Mountain Lake

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Recycling At Smith Mountain LakeMany of us who live at Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia try to cut down on trash products going to the land-fill by recycling. Everyone knows by now that the need for re-using our waste materials is becoming a more serious issue.

Landfills are full to over-flowing. Toxic chemicals leach into the waterways and all sorts of other issues arise as a result of the monstrous amounts of trash Americans use every day.

Greener Pastures Services is a local, family-owned curbside recycling service for residents and businesses. Now you can be “greener”,  contribute to a cleaner environment and support a local business at the same time.

Businesses receive a one month risk-free trial period to determine a pick-up plan that suits their particular  needs. They accept cardboard and glass! Monthly rates start at $35 for bi-weekly pick-up or $65 for weekly pick-up. If you would like more information on Greener Pastures you can visit Call 540-334-5892 for current prices.

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