Golfing At Smith Mountain Lake

Golfing on Smith Mountain Lake

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Golfing At Smith Mountain Lake One of our favorite American pastimes has become the sport of golf. When you talk to golfers you find a wide variety of reasons why they enjoy this game. Some like the obvious opportunity to hone their game to a fine art, while some simply enjoy the competition and companionship of a good game with friends. Still, others view it as a peaceful change of pace from the office, where they can soak in the beautiful scenery and work out their stresses.

Smith Mountain Lake golf courses are among some of the prettiest courses to be found on the Eastern Coast. Whether you are a golf pro or an amateur enthusiast, you’ll find something there for you. With rolling hills and beautiful greens, for some, there is no better way to spend an afternoon than on a golf course.

There are currently five golf courses on or near Smith Mountain Lake and two of them are open year-round for your convenience and pleasure; The Westlake Golf and Country Club and Sycamore Ridge. No need to wait for spring to check out the one closest to you.

Sycamore Ridge at (540)297-6490 (public)

Westlake Golf and Country Club at (540)721-4214 or (public)

Mariner’s Landing at (540)297-7888 or (public)

The Waterfront Country Club at (540)721-2397 (private)

The Water’s Edge Country Club at (540)576-3343 (private)

Smith Mountain Lake

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