Healthy Holiday Snacking

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Healthy Holiday SnackingSome of us at Smith Mountain Lake are trying to avoid the abundance of junk foods we are exposed to over the holidays and that is a challenging task. While there is great variety in healthy snack foods for those desiring them, it is hard to make the choice to avoid the sugary ones.

The fact that what you eat and expose your body to can determine how well it functions, can be a powerful motivator. So here are some healthy snack ideas for when we require alternatives that are more nutritious.

If you are a carb and sugar addict, it may take a little time to re-educate your taste buds, but don’t give up. You will soon find yourself craving the healthier snacks instead. It is just a matter of relearning what real food tastes like.

– Raisins and dried fruit that are not sulfured or soaked in sugar can be a quick energy fix that also contain an abundance of vitamins and minerals.– Sunflower seeds, pecans, cashews, brazils, walnuts, etc. make a healthy snack. Raw, nuts do not contain hydrogenated oils, excess salt, etc. They do however contain essential fatty acids, fiber, vitamins, minerals and protein.

– Fresh raw fruit, berries and vegetables of all kinds are an excellent way to build up your immune system as well as fill a hungry belly.

– Smoothies are another fun way to take the edge off. Some raw honey and your favorite fruit mixed with almond, soy or rice milk is a tasty treat.

– Air-popped popcorn is a popular standby snack food. You can put some salt, olive oil and seasonings on after it is popped to please your personal taste buds.

– One of our personal favorites is to fill celery with unsweetened peanut butter or cover sliced apples with raw almond butter.

Hope you all have a healthy and blessed Christmas!

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