Help A Family In Need

Help A Family In Need

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EHelp A Family In Needven living somewhere as lovely and peaceful as Smith Mountain Lake does not make us immune to the sorrows of life. Below is a touching letter from the owner of our company regarding a fellow realtor with Smith Mountain Homes. When you finish reading please consider even some small way that you could help this family.

“What was your favorite childhood movie?

Mine was Brian’s Song.  Ironically.  It was the story of Gale Sears and Brian Piccolo, two pro football players, one black and the other white.  They became best friends while competing for the same position with the Chicago Bears in the 60s.

Brian Piccolo was diagnosed with cancer.  The rest of the movie shows how Gale stands by him and cares for him until his death.

The most moving point in the movie came when Gale tearfully announced to the team: “My friend… Brian… has cancer.”  From that time on, the rest of the team, many Bears fans, and others around the country rallied around Brian and his wife.  It was very touching.

I have a heavy heart today, as I make a similar announcement.  My dear friend… Brian Puckett – has cancer.  He was recently diagnosed with stage 4 colon cancer, and it has spread to his liver.  For those of you who know about this form of cancer, it is very bad.  He is only 38, and everyone’s puzzled about “Why.”

We can’t answer that question, but there is something we can do.  Something important.  For him and his wife, Gretchen, and their two children Maddie (14) and Kyle (4).

Understandably Brian hadn’t been feeling himself for some time before his recent diagnosis and things are very tight for their family financially.

They’re losing their house back to Suntrust on the morning of August 11th.

So they will need to find a place to move… this coming week… while Brian is undergoing chemo treatments.  They need to come up with about $9,500, or their home of five years will be sold at the courthouse steps on that day.

I can’t imagine how I would feel battling this deadly disease and losing my family home and facing other extreme financial difficulties as well.  Can you?

Here’s how we can all help…

Gateway Ministries is a licensed 501c3 not-for-profit organization that helps out people in various situations like this.  My family set up this organization 12 years ago, and I am the Director.  We are pulling together funds now for a 2 to 1 match for every dollar that is contributed.

If you will donate to help the Puckett Family, every dollar will turn into $2.  Every $25 into $50. Every $100 into $200.  Up to $10,000 total.

To make this work, we have to set a strict deadline of August 9th.  If you are willing, please send a check to Gateway Ministries at the address below by that day.

Please write “Pucketts” and include your full mailing address and email on a separate note so we can send along a tax-deductible receipt at year-end.

Thank you for considering this.  Please pray for the Puckett family, and drop him a note of encouragement (with your check – we will pass it along) if you choose.

Paul Moore
Associate Broker, Wainwright & Co.

PS: 100% of your gift – plus the double match – will go straight to the Puckett Family.  This will help them save their home and provide for other living expenses during this difficult time. Thank you.

PPS: Sometimes a large chunk of cash to save a home from foreclosure just stalls the inevitable.  Not here.  Brian’s wife is working, and we have figured out a way for their family to earn what they stay current after catching up now.  This one-time gift will allow them to get back on track!”

Please send a check before August 9th to:

Gateway Ministries
PO Box 7301
Roanoke, VA  24019

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