Help Stop Sex Trafficking

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Let’s blast this video to the world.
How much damage can a two-minute video really do?
Just ask a survivor of child rape, sex trafficking, or any other form of non-consensual video
content which has been monetized on Pornhub to its 115 million daily visitors.

Most of these victims have been scarred with lifelong trauma. So to answer the question, a short video can do ENORMOUS damage!
But what about a video whose aim is to expose the truth and bring perpetrators of exploitation to justice? 

We just launched a video that captures the horrific secrets of the world’s largest porn site in
order to thrust this evidence into the public spotlight. This new short animated #Traffickinghub video was created to give the masses the truth. This is the one video Pornhub doesn’t want you or anyone else to see—and this is a video that we must, together, spread far and wide. Share this video now with your friends, family, and community and help pull the back the veil to expose the crimes of the world’s largest porn site.

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