Hickory Hill Is the Toast of Smith Mountain Lake

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Dating back to the early 1980s, Roger and Judy Furrow were two Roanoke natives who put their passions of a life-long dream into reality by acquiring a simple half-acre of property at Smith Mountain Lake and began experimenting with wine grape growing.

In 1992, nearby land (“Toby” Scruggs farm) was acquired and the birth of Hickory Hill Vineyards & Winery became a reality.

Truly a family-owned and operated business, Toby and Judy’s children, Tad and Wendy, play a vital role in the success of this one-of-a-kind love affair with ‘the grape’ by visiting at harvest and festival times.  Helping out at the vineyard is not only a family affair though… that’s why the Hickory Hill Harvesters Club was founded in the harvest season of 2002.  Patrons helping with the harvest receive an invitation to a private party at the vineyard featuring a barrel tasting of the winery’s best offerings!

There are a lot of other ways to enjoy the fruits of the Furrows’ labors as well, just a few of the annual events at the winery include a Kite Fly opening weekend, a Redbud Celebration, the 2006 Sunset Saturday Concert Season, and many others.  Click here for a full listing of dates and times of the events taking place at Hickory Hill.

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