Home Security Reminders

Home Security Reminders

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Home Security Reminders Is your home on Smith Mountain Lake secure from break-ins and unwanted guests? Here is a reminder from Deanna Early at American Home Mortgage, of some of the ways you can upgrade the security of your home. Taking extra measures to ensure your family’s safety is never a bad thing.

Home security has evolved far beyond simply detecting when doors and windows are opened. If your clients want to install a home security system or upgrade their current one, consider these high-tech options:

Broken glass detectors. Large glass panels in homes and businesses can drench a room in beautiful outside light, but they provide easy entrance points for burglars. Ranging in price from approximately $15 to $50, “glass break” detectors can sound an alarm or alert a security service when they detect the sound of breaking glass.

Driveway alarms. If your clients’ driveways are long or blocked by trees or bushes, they can be alerted to visitors by using a driveway alarm. Most commonly wireless, driveway alarms sound a tone in the home when a vehicle enters the driveway. Typically, the device is placed at the mouth of a driveway and uses an infrared sensor to detect vehicles. Depending on the alarm model, homeowners can obtain a range of 1,000 feet to almost two miles. They cost approximately $99 to $200.

Biometric door locks. If your clients want to take front-door security to the next level, consider a biometric fingerprint door lock. Instead of keys or a keypad, the homeowner places a finger on a pad, and the unit verifies the fingerprint belongs to somebody allowed access. Homeowners can add users and delete them as needed. The device runs approximately $300.

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