Smith Mountain Lake Chinese Restaurants

In the Mood for Chinese Food?

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They say variety is the spice of life and there is nowhere that is more true than in the dining arena. While eating out at restaurants on a daily basis may not be the healthiest option, it’s nice to have a few favorite eateries on your list for special occasions.

Smith Mountain Lake, VA boasts a wide variety of specialty restaurants and one of the popular choices is Chinese cuisine. Who doesn’t love an egg roll after all? People enjoy eating Chinese food for a variety of reasons. Some enjoy the diverse flavors and textures of different Chinese dishes, while others appreciate their varied use of vegetables, herbs, and spices. Chinese food is often served family-style, making it a great option for socializing and sharing meals with friends and family. Many people simply enjoy the cultural experience of dining at a Chinese restaurant or ordering takeout from a local Chinese restaurant.

Here are a few of the local Chinese dining options for your enjoyment…..

Teriyaki House – Hardy, VA (540) 721-8839

Peking Chinese Restaurant – Moneta, VA (540) 296-0741

Edo Grill and Sushi – Moneta, VA (540) 297-6888

Peking Chinese & Grill – Rocky Mount, VA (540) 483-3399

Smith Mountain Lake Chinese Restaurants

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