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Lake Effects Movie Gets The Go Ahead

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Lake Effects Movie Gets The Go AheadAnnouncement to Smith Mountain Lake Community, from movie Producer Sara E. Timmins:

I am happy to announce that Lake Effects has officially been green-lighted and will be produced in the Fall of 2010.

I feel so honored to have such a wonderful group of investors who believe in this film and for the abundance of community support we have received over the last year.

Every investor we have has gone above and beyond to help guide and support me and make sure that this film happens… and it has just amazed me!  I am especially thankful for Bart and Lynn Wilner, who were the first to jump on board with financial support.  Without their leadership and belief, I don’t know that we would be making this announcement today, so I am very grateful to them.

We are reminded every day that without this community, the making of Lake Effects would not be possible and so we will continue to promote local businesses, incorporate Virginia professionals, and encourage people to participate hands-on in the creation of this film, which will showcase the beauty of this region.

Our next step is to attach recognizable talent to the lead roles which is a key factor in the film’s success.  We will also continue to work with the community and begin to secure the many resources needed to produce the film.

Although local casting for speaking roles will not occur until after the summer and closer to the start date, we have begun collecting information for locals interested in volunteering and being extras.

We encourage anyone interested in getting involved, receiving the newsletter, or making a resource or service donation to sign up on the Life Out Loud Films website at

I hope you all reach for the stars and never let anyone crush your dreams because you can make anything happen if you have passion, preparation, integrity, and persistence.

DARE to Live Life Out Loud!  Dream, Act, Risk, Embrace!!
 -Sara Elizabeth Timmins, Producer

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