Lake Lubbers

Lake Lubbers

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Lake LubbersThose of us who live in Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia know what a ‘lake lover’ is. But what is a ‘lake lubber’? They reside all over the world and are defined as folks who simply can’t get enough of beautiful lakes.

There is even a pretty neat site for you if you happen to be a ‘lake lubber’, called Lake You can go to this site and find out all kinds of cool information about gorgeous lakes all around the United States and all over the world.

If you love to set out for an adventure and travel cross country, you just choose the state you want to visit and it pulls up a list of lakes in that region. If you prefer to stay within a day’s radius of your home, you can simply visit their page on Lakes in Virginia.

Once you choose a lake you are interested in visiting you can find out what the weather is there and what sort of amenities it might offer as a vacation spot, pictures of the area, and much more. I even learned things about our own Smith Mountain Lake that I was not aware of. I also found out that if you have a business at SML and you post a paid listing to “Smith Mountain Lake” on during June, they will add 6 months to your listing for free.  Call 540-721-3327 to claim your bonus!

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