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With summer and the warm weather now fully upon us at Smith Mountain Lake, it’s time to be out on the water in every spare moment.  But maybe after a few seasons of waterskiing, you’re itching for another challenge and would like to learn to use that new wakeboard a little bit better than you can now.  Good news!  The Smith Mountain Wake Company in Bridgewater Plaza is now offering wakeboarding lessons for riders of all experience levels. 

To quote their website:

             Smith Mountain Wake offers the complete package when it comes to wakeboard lessons. All coaches are nationally and internationally recognized in the world of wakeboarding. With 15 years of experience among our coaches, we teach all ages and abilities of people. All you have to do is walk into the shop sign up, and walk out the back door straight to the lake. It truly is a perfect setup. All your gear is provided for you! Choose whatever board you want to ride!  You will get professional instruction in a very low-stress atmosphere. Beginners will learn the basics to build a solid foundation. Learn the correct way to edge. Learn proper body position. Learn the right way to drive a wakeboard boat. 

If you’re ready to get started in a Wakeboarding adventure you can contact Smith Mountain Lake’s very own Wake shop at 540-721-9253.Learn To Wakeboard

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