The Definitive Guide To Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate

Local Real Estate Agent Publishes Book

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Paul Moore, a real estate agent for Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia, and surrounding areas, has just published an excellent guide for those buying or selling property in our neck of the woods. This resource could quickly become the have-to-have handbook for realtors and buyers alike.

On the back of the cover, “The Definitive Guide to Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate”, reads: Smith Mountain Lake has quickly become one of the East’s most popular destinations for vacationers, second-homeowners, retirees, and telecommuters. The lake is a natural draw for water and mountain lovers of all sorts. Yet this rush to buy lots and homes here has meant problems for some…….Fortunately, each of these issues can be navigated successfully with good counsel and careful investigation. That is the purpose of this book…

Other local real estate agents are giving the book good reviews for its relevance and helpful information. The book is broken down into chapters under 8 practical headings and is very readable. For your copy of Paul’s book visit


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The Definitive Guide To Smith Mountain Lake Real Estate Everything you need to know about buying or selling property at Smith Mountain Lake.

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