Looking For A Lake Home

Looking for a Lake Home Part 1

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Author Kenyon Blunt has written an article that is perfect for folks looking for a new home on Smith Mountain Lake. If you have never lived on a lake before or just need fresh input, there are aspects you may not have considered about how the location may affect the likes and dislikes particular to you and your family.

When you’re looking for a lake home, it’s just like any other real estate purchase; it’s all about location. And nothing impacts the decision more than how close you are to the water. Do you want lakefront property so you can dock your boat right outside? Or, do you want a view of the lake so you can sit on your dock and enjoy the sunsets?

Picking the right lake home is influenced more by your objectives than anything else. If it’s going to be more about an investment than retirement, you will want it closer to your residence so you can check on it from time to time. If you’ll be using it as a getaway for family and friends, make sure that it’s easy for them to find.

There are two phases to your search:
1) Gather as much information as possible.
2) Become very familiar with the area by making thorough personal investigations.
The best place to start is by looking right in the mirror and doing a little self-analysis:

  • How much will you use your lake home? Do you plan on going on weekends, for the summer, or occasional vacations?
  • How do you plan on using it? Will your lake home be used for quiet getaways or will it be more like the Grand Central Station for lake activities?
  • Are you trying to reclaim your past? Does nostalgia for a certain location enter into the picture?
  • How long will you own your lake home? Will this be the same home you’ll use in retirement or is it an interim step to something nicer?
  • Will your lake home be used for business as well? Do you plan on having any corporate or church retreats in your lake home?

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